Niche Browser Review

Niche Browser Review

Niche Browser Review
Jason Moffatt's new Niche Browser program is​ an​ absolutely amazing program .​
There are so many ways for you to​ find niche markets with the program that it​ would be almost impossible for you not to​ make money with it .​
Not only will it​ help you discover markets but you can also find things to​ give away as​ bonuses such as​ audio content, articles, videos, and more - this feature alone is​ worth having the program for me.
Here is​ a​ list of​ some of​ the things that you can do with Niche Browser:
1 .​
Generalized Keyword Search and Query Tools – This part of​ the program contains a​ textbox called Main Search Text Box where most of​ your searches and queries begin .​
Entering your keyword(s) into this box and clicking the Search button will bring up Google Search Results in​ the main browser window.
2 .​
Categorized Keyword Search – Here you will find a​ plethora of​ search tools .​
The features included for searching are web search, news, audio, video, entertainment, shopping, and RSS & Blog search engines.
3 .​
Main Browser Window – This is​ just the main browser window where everything happens .​
Just like a​ normal browser with forward, back, refresh, and stop buttons.
4 .​
Side Panel – For each type of​ search there is​ a​ category to​ help you narrow down what you are looking for.
5 .​
Related Searches – This area contains shortcuts to​ various tools, such as​ Overture and Google Sets .​
This helps you discover more topics and keywords related to​ your current niche market.
6 .​
URL Tools – These are site-related tools that give you information on the current page or​ entire domain.
Now, I​ do not think that Jason Moffatt's Niche Browser will make-or-break your internet marketing ventures, but I​ do know that it​ will save you a​ heck of​ a​ lot of​ time .​
The time I​ use to​ spend finding audio, video, and article content for autoresponders or​ blogs has been more than cut in​ half.

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