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Next Week On Tv 5 8 5 14

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Things are starting to get tight in both the​ NHL and​ ​ the​ NBA as​ both leagues move into their semifinal rounds. ​
Pretty much anything can happen in the​ battle for​ the​ Stanley Cup as​ seeding, home ice advantage and​ ​ being the​ favorite hardly seems to matter. ​
The NBA title might come down to whether anyone in the​ East can stay healthy enough to beat the​ Spurs.
* All times Eastern.
Monday, May 8
Twins at ​ Rangers 7 p.m., ESPN
This matchup pits two teams that might stay in the​ playoff race or​ might completely implode. ​
Though the​ Twins lack any real drama because even if​ ​ they make the​ playoffs, they won’t go far, the​ Rangers have the​ capability of​ being a​ real contender. ​
if ​ they manage to hang in the​ pennant race, they also may be a​ player in the​ Roger Clemens sweepstakes.
Tuesday, May 9
College Lacrosse Times vary, CSTV/FCS
The college lacrosse season is​ winding down, and​ ​ a​ variety of​ league championship games and​ ​ endofseason matchups are airing, today. ​
Though lacrosse may not be one of​ the​ big sports, it​ is​ violent and​ ​ entertaining, and​ ​ college playoff games are nearly always close.
Wednesday, May 10
Red Sox at ​ Yankees 7 p.m., local/satellite
After pulling out to a​ quick early lead, the​ Sox and​ ​ Yankees are back in almost a​ dead heat for​ the​ division lead. ​
The two games just finished a​ highlycharged series in Boston that featured Johnny Damon’s return to Fenway, where he was met with a​ chorus of​ boos. ​
Expect Damon—as long as​ he’s hitting—to get a​ nicer greeting from the​ New York faithful.
Thursday, May 11
Byron Nelson Classic 4 p.m., USA
A wideopen tournament, this PGA event was won last year by the​ relativelyunknown Ted Purdy. ​
This is​ also the​ tournament that ended Tiger Woods’ record streak of​ making cuts, so truly anything can happen. ​

Friday, May 12
Boxing, Edner Cherry vs. ​
Monty MezaClay 9 p.m., ESPN2
Edner Cherry takes on Monty MezaClay in a​ superfeatherweight battle. ​
MezaClay has yet to be beaten and​ ​ has knocked out more opponents than he hasn’t. ​
Still, Cherry’s an experienced fighter, so this should be a​ real test as​ MezaClay works his way into title contention.
Saturday, May 13
Tennis Master Series in Rome Noon, TENNIS
Quarterfinal action featuring the​ stars from when tennis players actually mattered. ​
Sometimes, the​ Masters tournaments have better action than the​ regular tour because the​ older players come from a​ time when the​ money for​ losing in the​ quarters wasn’t enough to make it​ not worth fighting to get into the​ finals. ​

Sunday, May 14
Formula One Racing Spanish Grand Prix Noon, CBS
American race fans rarely get a​ chance to see races in the​ world’s premier racing circuit. ​
Fernando Alonso holds the​ overall lead in points and​ ​ has looked very strong in winning two races this season. ​
Expect Jenson Button, who hasn’t won but has finished in the​ top 10 in every race, this season, to challenge for​ the​ victory.
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