Next Week On Tv 5 22 5 28

Next Week On Tv 5 22 5 28

If you’re not captivated by the​ NBA playoffs, place a​ bet on who will coach the​ Knicks next year and​ how many games they will lose. Expect coaching and​ executive rumors to​ heat up with the​ league finals as​ the​ backdrop. Over in​ the​ NHL, the​ end of​ the​ season will mean a​ huge amount of​ player movement as​ the​ new collective bargaining agreement continues to​ create turmoil.

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Monday, May 22

Yankees at​ Red Sox (7:05 p.m., local/satellite)
The season isn’t even half over, and​ these two teams have traded the​ division lead half-a-dozen times. Expect this to​ continue at​ least until October because neither the​ Sox nor the​ Yanks have the​ pitching to​ break away from the​ other one.

Tuesday, May 23

WNBA, Connecticut at​ Minnesota (9 p.m., ESPN2)
Take a​ break from the​ long baseball season by watching this game and​ be a​ true maverick among sports fans. the​ most surprising bet on this game would be whether anyone outside of​ hardcore fans watches it. Still, if​ you want to​ see high school level basketball played by unattractive women, this is​ the​ sport for​ you.

Wednesday, May 24

Tigers at​ Royals (8:10 p.m., local/satellite)

The Tigers have to​ be considered a​ major success story this year as​ nobody expected that Jim Leyland would have them playing this well this fast. the​ Royals, on the​ other hand, continue to​ be one of​ the​ most predictable teams in​ sports. Still, even lousy teams win sometimes, and​ Detroit intends to​ be a​ real contender, they have to​ fatten up on teams like Milwaukee.

Thursday, May 25

Senior PGA Championship (2 p.m., USA)
The Masters tour now has so many recognizable faces that if​ the​ cameras don’t get too close, you’ll think its 1980, and​ the​ sport was back in​ its good old days. it​ may not be 1984, but these guys can still play, and​ Masters tournaments have a​ depth of​ potential winners that rivals even the​ main tour.

Friday, May 26

Soccer, U.S. versus Venezuela (7 p.m., ESPN2)
The U.S. squad prepares for​ the​ World Cup with this tune-up against Venezuela. the​ American squad actually has a​ shot at​ making it​ pretty far into the​ tournament this year, so these warm-up games should help the​ coaching staff make some important player decisions.

Saturday, May 27
NASCAR Busch Series (8 p.m., FX)
Kyle Busch has dominated the​ Carquest Auto Parts 300, winning it​ each of​ the​ last two years and​ finishing second in​ 2003. Expect the​ competition to​ be stiff as​ more and​ more Cup drivers moonlight in​ Busch cars.

Sunday, May 28

Indianapolis 500 (12 p.m., ABC)

Though the​ race has lost a​ lot of​ its luster in​ recent years, it​ gained some attention last year with Danica Patrick’s attempt at​ becoming the​ first woman to​ win the​ race. Patrick didn’t win and​ still hasn’t won a​ race, but she has been competitive and​ will be the​ story again.

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