Newcastle City Guide Including Newcastle Hotels

Newcastle City Guide Including Newcastle Hotels

Newcastle is​ often referred to​ as​ Newcastle upon the Tyne and situated in​ Northern England. Newcastle’s climate is​ moderate, making it​ an​ ideal place to​ visit any time of​ year. Established in​ the Roman Era by the Emperor Hadrian and formerly named Pons, Aelius, Newcastle upon the Tyne is​ a​ place rich with historical sites to​ see and recreational activities to​ engage in. Whether you are seeking fine dining or​ interesting activities to​ enjoy, there is​ no finer place to​ visit that Newcastle.

Places of​ interest:

The cultural enthusiast will find no end to​ the historical sites of​ interest situated in​ Newcastle. One of​ England’s most incredible cities, tourists find themselves longing to​ return to​ Newcastle time and time again. Not only is​ Newcastle full of​ exciting sites to​ see, it​ is​ conveniently situated near many of​ England’s popular cities and attractions. Nearby cities surrounding Newcastle includes Bath, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Nottingham, Oxford, and York. Further, tourists will find Newcastle filled with galleries, museums and historical sites to​ visit during their stay.

ALDERMANS FENWICKS HOUSE: located at​ 98 Pilgrim Street, is​ a​ historical mercantile town house in​ the North of​ England. Its origins are found in​ the medieval era and prove completely entertaining for the history enthusiast. The Aldermans Fenwicks House is​ open during regular office hours and tourist can book night time tours if​ they call in​ advance.

BESSIE SURTEES HOUSE: situated at​ 41-44 Sandhill in​ Newcastle is​ open to​ tourists all year round and were originally the homes of​ wealthy merchants. Existing since the 17th century, the Bessie Surtees House currently stands as​ the as​ the site for the North East Regional Office of​ English Heritage.

DISCOVERY MUSEUM: the Discovery museum at​ Blandford Square is​ situated near the Central station, so transportation is​ available. This museum offers free entrance and shares with tourists England’s rich maritime history in​ addition to​ its scientific and technological advances.

MILITARY VEHICLE MUSEUM: found at​ the Exhibition Park Pavilion, just off of​ Claremont Road, holds well over 50 wartime vehicles, from WWII and after, as​ well as​ antique bicycles, armour, and historical documents on exhibit.

MUSEUM of​ ANTIQUITIES: located at​ The Quadrangle, just off of​ Kings Walk in​ Newcastle, has a​ number collections, including collections from the Palaeolithic period through the 1600’s. Entry into the Museum of​ Antiquities is​ free for both children and adults.

BROWN’S ART GALLERY: Browns Art Gallery at​ 15 Acorn Road, Jesmond, is​ filled with gorgeous paintings and pottery, sure to​ please any tourist. The gallery holds limited editions and offers a​ picture framing service to​ the public.

Things to​ do:
Along with all the terrific historical sites, museums and galleries to​ visit, tourists will find that Newcastle is​ chockfull of​ recreational activities. From theatres to​ comedy clubs, from cinemas to​ casinos, tourists travelling thorough Newcastle are bound to​ find many enjoyable recreational pursuits.

BUDDLE ARTS CENTRE: Buddles Art Centre at​ 258B Station Road, Wallsend, was established in​ 1981. Tourists will find a​ number of​ events, workshops, and exhibits being hosted at​ the theatre and should call for a​ schedule before visiting. The Buddle Arts Centre is​ open during the hours of​ their events and other offerings.

THEATRE ROYAL: Theatre Royal at​ Grey Street, is​ the perfect stop for all fans of​ Shakespeare as​ the theatre frequently hosts the Royal Shakespeare Company.

THE HYENA CAFÉ: is​ located at​ Leazes Arcade, Leazes Lane, Haymarket in​ Newcastle, and tourists will find that this comedy club is​ loaded with visitors every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. if​ you’re looking for some comic relief while staying in​ Newcastle, the Hyena Café is​ the place to​ be.

ODEON: located at​ The Gate Complex, Newgate Street in​ Newcastle is​ an​ excellent site to​ stop in​ and catch your favourite film.

THE SIDE CINEMA: is​ located at​ 5 - 9 The Side, Next to​ Side Café in​ Newcastle and is​ open from Tuesday until Saturday from 11 am to​ 5 pm.

ASPERS CASINO: is​ located at​ The Gate, Newgate Street in​ Newcastle, and is​ a​ Las Vegas style casino and bar that consists of​ well over 40,000 square feet of​ gambling entertainment.

Food & Drink:

After a​ fun filled day of​ site seeing and enjoying your favourite recreational activities, you are bound to​ stir up an​ appetite. Not to​ worry, Newcastle is​ filled with fantastic dining locations and you’ll have no trouble pleasing your palate.

KUBLAI KHAN: 22 The Side in​ Newcastle, is​ a​ Mongolian Restaurant offers visitors a​ banquet. No reservations are required, so the Kublai Khan is​ an​ excellent choice if​ you’re looking to​ simply walk into a​ location and grab an​ excellent bite to​ eat.

CHIQUITOS: Chiquitos is​ located at​ Warner Brothers Complex in​ Newcastle and serves Mexican delights. Just opposite the Manors Metro station, Chiquitos serves salsa, nachos, salads, chilli, enchiladas, fajitas, and chimmichangas.

HOT BOX CAFÉ: located at​ St Mary's Place in​ Newcastle, offers some of​ your favourites from burgers and fries to​ kebabs and pizza. The Hot Box Café is​ an​ excellent place to​ visit if​ you’re looking for fresh, cooked to​ order dining.

BIMBI’S: located on Nelson Street, is​ one of​ the best fish and chips locations in​ Newcastle. Offering an​ array of​ fish entrees, and a​ variety of​ pies for dessert, BIMBI’s serves your craving for seafood while visiting Newcastle.

NEWCASTLE PIZZA BEACH: is​ situated on the waterfront, and serves as​ a​ fantastic place to​ grab a​ slice of​ pizza while on the water.

Newcastle Hotels & Accommodation:

Newcastle offers visitors a​ number of​ different accommodations to​ choose from. With over 25 gorgeous hotels to​ choose from finding a​ place to​ stay in​ Newcastle is​ a​ breeze. What’s more, every hotel offers its visitors and array of​ amenities to​ make their visit both enjoyable and memorable.

Percy Arms Hotel
Express by Holiday Inn Newcastle Metro Centre
Holiday Inn Newcastle
Copthorne Hotel Newcastle
Waterside Hotel
Royal Station Hotel.
The Vermont Hotel
Hadrian Lodge Hotel
Cairn Hotel
Whites Hotel
Jesmond Hotel
Swallow Imperial Hotel
Best Western New Kent Hotel
Britannia Hotel Newcastle Airport
Gibside Hotel
Caledonian Hotel
Carlton Hotel
Village hotel and Leisure Club Newcastle
Jurys Inn Newcastle
Premier Apartments Newcastle
Express by Holiday Inn Newcastle City Centre
Horton Grange
Quality Hotel Newcastle Upon Tyne
George Washington Golf & Country Club
Thistle Newcastle
Grey Street Hotel


There is​ no question that tourists can easily find entertainment in​ Newcastle. When not touring historical sites or​ engaging in​ recreational pursuits, visitors to​ Newcastle will find that the nightlife in​ Newcastle is​ equally inviting. Casinos, bars and nightclubs are readily open and accessible in​ Newcastle and visitors will never be without something to​ do in​ this fine English city.

Newcastle: it’s one of​ the most splendid places in​ England. Fine dining, entertainment and a​ rich history make Newcastle particularly inviting to​ tourists and visitors return every year to​ enjoy all that Newcastle has to​ offer.

Newcastle City Guide Including Newcastle Hotels

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