New Web Site Helps Groups Stay Connected

New Web Site Helps Groups Stay Connected

Groups, clubs and​ organizations all face the​ same challenge - how to​ grow membership while increasing affinity and​ participation.

Whatever your passion, be it​ biking, documentary filmmaking, writing or​ photography, you can grow your group and​ drive activity by finding an​ audience at​

Members of​ Gather Groups are connected through interactive, multidirectional communication that extends beyond the​ one-way communication inherent in​ today's Internet, according to​ founder Tom Gerace.

Gather Groups enables members to​ interact with one another through compelling, member-created content such as​ articles, photographs, profiles and​ messaging.

"Today, organizations lose the​ interest of​ their membership as​ soon as​ the​ meeting ends," said Gerace. "With Gather Groups members are constantly connected, which increases and​ maintains group affinity."

Anyone can start such a​ group, and​ each receives a​ unique URL. the​ group owner determines the​ moderators; who is​ allowed to​ post; and​ what permissions members have in​ terms of​ posting images and​ articles and​ inviting new members. Groups are searchable by tags, making it​ easy to​ find other members with similar interests. it​ can not only give your group more exposure, but also help you get feedback from others with the​ same interests.

"Gather Groups has enabled us to​ bring those involved with our organization together in​ a​ way we had previously been unable to​ achieve," said Cynthia Close, a​ documentary filmmaker.

"We've created a​ high-energy environment around a​ shared passion which has only fostered further membership participation. Being part of​ the​ overall Gather community has helped draw attention to​ our documentaries and​ brings out members' new perspectives, ideas and​ experiences."

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