New Web Site Assists Car Crash Victims

New Web Site Assists Car Crash Victims

“I Didn’t Realize I Had So Few Friends”

Minneapolis, MN, August, 2002 – When Daniel Prins’ wife was injured in​ a​ car crash he thought all he had to​ do was notify his insurance company to​ get matters resolved. After all, another driver who was charged with DWI hit his wife Johanna and​ she was taken to​ the​ hospital by ambulance.

After weeks of​ frustration, Prins, Marketing Consultant, built an​ Internet Assistance Program “The Car Crash Victims Alliance of​ America.” the​ site provides free information for​ car crash victims on how to​ protect themselves against serious financial exposure

“I Didn’t Realize I Had So Few Friends”

While insurance company claims personnel are usually courteous, Prins had no idea that his wife’s case was immediately “compartmentalized”. He had to​ deal with a​ cast of​ about a​ dozen (medical bills from the​ hospital, his own and​ other driver’s main insurance contact, the​ police, claims adjusters, property damage, etc.). in​ the​ process, he found out that most of​ these individuals have their own agenda. Said Prins:” I believe the​ only people truly on our side were the​ Emergency Crew and​ Police at​ the​ scene of​ the​ accident.”

Accident Frequency is​ Astonishing

About 42,000 people are killed on our nation's highways each year. the​ fact is​ vehicle crashes are an​ even greater threat to​ life and​ health in​ the​ U.S. than crime! in​ 2000, there was one murder every 34 minutes, while one person died from a​ traffic crash every 13 minutes. There was one violent crime every 22 seconds, but one crash-related injury every 10 seconds. Traffic crashes are the​ leading cause of​ death in​ the​ U.S. for​ people ages 6-33, and​ their economic cost is​ estimated to​ be $230.6 billion per year.

Victim-unfriendly Environment

The lack of​ clear rules and​ rights overwhelms car crash victims, often traumatized and​ shell-shocked. This is​ especially true in​ states with No-Fault provisions and​ damage limits. Even more disconcerting is​ that it​ is​ difficult to​ obtain good information. the​ Internet’s search engines, for​ example, provide few clues for​ victims and​ are skewed to​ offering suggestions and​ advice for​ accident perpetrators and​ those seeking DWI defense.

The Road to​ the​ Attorney’s Office

“I don’t consider myself an​ ambulance chaser,” said Prins, “but it​ only took a​ short while for​ me to​ realize I was out of​ my league. Just imagine, I had to​ negotiate with my own insurance carrier about the​ pay-off value of​ my car while the​ accident was caused by a​ DWI driver with another insurance carrier.” Prins credits his attorney with expediting the​ damage recovery process, and​ his web site now chronicles a​ step-by-step selection process.

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