New Types Of Antibiotics In The Treatment Of Strep Throat

New Types Of Antibiotics In The Treatment Of Strep Throat

Strep throat is​ inflammation and​ swelling of​ the​ throat, tonsils and​ lymph nodes due to​ infection with group a​ streptococcus bacteria. Strep throat is​ very contagious and​ the​ bacteria responsible for​ causing the​ illness can be easily acquired by entering in​ contact with contaminated people. Streptococcus bacteria are airborne and​ they can be transmitted through droplets of​ mucus produced by cough or​ sneezing. the​ incubation period of​ strep throat is​ around three days and​ most symptoms of​ the​ illness emerge after this period of​ time. Strep throat usually generates symptoms such as​ cough, throat inflammation and​ pain, nausea, fatigue, weakness, headache and​ moderate to​ high fever. in​ order to​ prevent the​ occurrence of​ complications, doctors recommend treating the​ illness with antibiotics.

Although they have been used in​ strep throat treatments for​ decades, some old-fashioned antibiotics such as​ penicillin and​ amoxicillin seem to​ be less effective in​ overcoming the​ illness these days. Doctors claim that bacterial strains have mutated and​ evolved considerably lately, rendering some forms of​ treatment ineffective in​ fighting infections. the​ primary cause for​ the​ increased resistance of​ bacteria to​ penicillin and​ amoxicillin is​ inappropriate treatment. Physicians explain that the​ misuse of​ antibiotics allows bacteria to​ adapt and​ even become immune to​ various types of​ medications.

While in​ the​ past penicillin and​ amoxicillin could successfully cure strep throat, nowadays more and​ more patients experience a​ recurrence of​ the​ illness soon after the​ treatment is​ completed. Recently conducted research results estimate that around 30 percent of​ patients who are prescribed penicillin or​ amoxicillin experience a​ relapse of​ the​ illness. Due to​ their decreased potency in​ fighting bacteria, physicians strongly recommend not to​ use penicillin and​ amoxicillin-based antibiotics any more.

Modern medicine has quickly come up with more reliable replacements for​ penicillin and​ amoxicillin. the​ age of​ antibiotics has provided us with a​ wide range of​ new, more effective drugs such as​ cephalosporins. Doctors claim that cephalosporins are nowadays the​ best alternative to​ old-fashioned antibiotics. Cephalosporins are stronger, more reliable and​ safer than penicillin and​ amoxicillin and​ they can completely overcome strep throat in​ a​ shorter amount of​ time. Physicians state that cephalosporins can cure bacterial infections in​ 4 to​ 5 days of​ treatment, instead of​ 10, as​ in​ the​ case of​ other antibiotics. Also, patients who are prescribed cephalosporins in​ the​ treatment for​ strep throat are less likely to​ experience a​ relapse of​ the​ infection.

Cephalosporins are available under the​ form of​ tablets or​ capsules and​ they can be purchased from any drugstore. However, just like other antibiotics, cephalosporins are only released with medical prescription and​ they shouldn’t be used without the​ doctor’s recommendation.

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