New Tv Shows 23

New Tv Shows 23

New TV Shows
Classic television doesn't come along that often .​
Most shows in​ drama or​ comedy are pretty formulaic .​
That is​ why anything weird and​ unusual achieves cult status .​
Twin Peaks and​ Lost were a​ breath of​ fresh air because they didn't fit the​ mould of​ cop or​ hospital show .​
Viewers are always desperate for​ something different that keeps them on the​ edge of​ their seat or​ sends them tumbling to​ the​ floor with laughter .​
a​ lot of​ time, energy and​ money go into launching new TV shows and​ the​ competition between networks is​ fierce.
A lot of​ shows never get any further than the​ pilot .​
If it​ isn't popular, the​ idea will be dropped like a​ hot potato .​
Audience panels are used for​ research into what will be popular or​ otherwise .​
Sometimes, the​ pilot isn't even shown .​
When a​ show is​ a​ hit, rival networks will try to​ come up with something similar, only achieving a​ poor imitation most of​ the​ time .​
The abundance of​ channels has mushroomed in​ the​ satellite and​ digital age and​ networks constantly need new TV shows to​ fill the​ schedules.
The glut of​ reality shows seems here to​ stay .​
They are popular, cause people to​ tune in​ regularly and​ are inexpensive to​ make .​
Even controversy doesn't keep them off the​ air as​ seen in​ the​ UK version of​ Big Brother, which has endured excessive drinking, racist remarks and​ threats of​ violence .​
New game shows also seem to​ be part of​ the​ staple diet.
It's hard to​ think of​ something original, of​ course .​
Not every writer is​ gifted enough to​ come up with Lost or​ the​ Sopranos .​
Producers want a​ quick return for​ their money and​ might not have the​ patience to​ wait for​ something to​ build .​
New TV shows these days are expected to​ hook the​ audience straightaway.
The last ten years or​ so are being referred to​ as​ a​ golden age in​ television comedy as​ far as​ American situation comedy is​ concerned .​
Friends, Frasier and​ Will and​ Grace were all international hits and​ their passing has left a​ big hole .​
Everyone Loves Raymond and​ King of​ Queens have also come to​ an​ end .​
Good new TV shows in​ the​ comedy field are the​ most difficult of​ all to​ find .​
All the​ above shows are class acts to​ follow and​ every new effort will inevitably be compared to​ them .​
The industry waits for​ the​ next golden age, eagerly scanning scripts for​ the​ next big hit.

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