New Study Examines Antioxidant Impact On Prostate Cancer

New Study Examines Antioxidant Impact On Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer as​ one of​ the​ most common types of​ cancer in​ men according to​ the​ American Cancer Society. Fortunately if​ caught early, the​ prognosis is​ good. Even better than treating it, is​ of​ course, avoiding it​ altogether. the​ search for​ the​ cause of​ prostate cancer is​ ongoing and​ a​ recent study was recently completed.

An eight year study of​ 29,361 men has just been completed. the​ study examined the​ impact of​ antioxidant supplements on the​ rate of​ prostate cancer. "There has been definite interest in​ their use, based on a​ few earlier studies that have been done" said lead researcher Richard B. Hayes, senior investigator in​ the​ division of​ cancer epidemiology and​ genetics at​ the​ U.S. National Cancer Institute.

Reporting in​ the​ Feb. 15 issue of​ the​ Journal of​ the​ National Cancer Institute, Hayes' team calculated the​ risk of​ prostate cancer for​ 29,361 men aged 55 to​ 74, all of​ whom were participants in​ the​ Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and​ Ovarian (PLCO) Screening Trial.

Some of​ the​ data that was analyzed included the​ amount of​ common antioxidant supplements including vitamin C, beta carotene, and​ vitamin E. Some of​ the​ men had been taking these supplements for​ many years prior to​ the​ study.

Over the​ total eight year study period, 1,338 men developed prostate cancer. the​ results indicate that the​ use of​ antioxidant supplements had no positive impact on the​ risk for​ prostate cancer for​ most nonsmokers. Beta carotene supplements did have a​ positive impact among men that had low dietary intake of​ beta carotene.

Vitamin E did have a​ positive impact for​ smokers according to​ the​ research. This was consistent with previous trials.
Although the​ three supplements studied in​ this trial showed little help in​ preventing prostate cancer, previous trials that examined other supplements did show very encouraging results.

Fish oils, which contain EPA and​ DHA, were found to​ reduce prostate cancer by 11% in​ men that consumed about 470 mg./day. Selenium has been found to​ cut prostate cancer in​ half. Over five clinical trials have supported this. it​ is​ recommended that men take a​ 200 micrograms of​ selenium daily.

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