New Shopping Channel Will Cater To Hispanic Households

New Shopping Channel Will Cater To Hispanic Households

Hoping to​ tap into the​ considerable spending power of​ the​ growing U.S. Hispanic population, a​ Delaware-based company plans to​ roll out a​ new shopping channel expressly for​ a​ Spanish-speaking audience.

Viva TeleCompras and​ its accompanying Web site,, which are being developed by Home Shopping Latino Inc., will fill a​ niche by reaching out to​ 7.9 million Hispanic homes - more than 85 percent of​ the​ Hispanic households in​ the​ U.S. Planned offerings include jewelry, electronics, household items and​ computers. in​ addition, the​ network intends to​ offer its own credit card and​ payment plans for​ higher-priced items.

"This will be an​ extremely efficient way for​ Fortune 500 companies to​ showcase their products in​ the​ Latino community" said Greg Martin, vice president of​ investor relations for​ Home Shopping Latino.

HispanTelligence, the​ research division of​ Hispanic Business Inc., reported that Hispanic home ownership is​ currently at​ its highest level and​ increasing at​ four times the​ rate of​ total U.S. ownership. the​ three main markets in​ the​ U.S., Puerto Rico and​ Mexico have a​ combined TV household population of​ 29.5 million and​ a​ combined purchasing power of​ $700 billion, an​ attractive source of​ revenue for​ advertisers. This market is​ projected to​ increase to​ nearly $1 trillion in​ the​ next few years.

HispanTelligence also found that Hispanic employment rates have increased to​ more than 16 percent in​ the​ last five years, as​ compared to​ a​ mere 2 percent overall in​ the​ U.S. a​ growing number of​ Hispanic entrepreneurs and​ a​ greater interest in​ investing - both in​ homeownership and​ stocks - have led to​ a​ marked increase in​ the​ overall net worth of​ the​ Hispanic population.

By using a​ fun, fast-paced format with well-known Latino personalities as​ hosts and​ featuring carefully planned promotions, Home Shopping Latino is​ hoping Viva TeleCompras will garner a​ loyal following among the​ Hispanic community.

From studios in​ southern Florida, Viva TeleCompras will share the​ airwaves with such big names such as​ HBO, National Geographic and​ Cinemax. Its debut is​ planned for​ this fall. - NU

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