New Old About Vitamins

New Old About Vitamins

There are 1000's of​ vitamins on​ the​ market these days. These are to​ help maintain a​ healthy body,​ and to​ supplement the​ lack of​ vitamins in​ food. There is​ an​ RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) so you don't take too much.

If you suffer from PMT (Pre-Menstrual Tension,​ vitamins B5 and 6 help alleviate some of​ the​ pains,​ breast tenderness etc,​ Evening Primrose Oil helps calm mood swings,​ making it​ more bearable and tolerable for others,​ as​ well as​ yourself.

For teenagers with acne vitamin E is​ an​ anti-oxidant,​ and vitamin B6 helps prevent skin conditions. Foods that are also rich in​ these are: fish,​ bananas,​ pork,​ chicken,​ eggs,​ nuts and broccoli eating plenty of​ these will reduce the​ need for supplements,​ as​ they are absorbed in​ the​ body naturally.

A lot of​ vitamins are destroyed by alcohol and coffee,​ there are no poisoning effects in​ vitamins,​ as​ a​ lot of​ excess is​ passed through urine.

Vitamin B12 is​ a​ good supplement for vegans,​ as​ most of​ it​ is​ found in​ meat and dairy products.

Folic Acid is​ essential for pregnant women at​ least for the​ first three months and the​ elderly,​ it​ can be found in​ liver (although not advisable to​ be eaten by pregnant women),​ egg yolks,​ carrots and green vegetables.

Cod Liver Oil is​ good for the​ bones,​ and it's rich in​ vitamins A+D and Omega 3.

St. John's Wort is​ suitable for depression,​ but if​ you are on​ medication you must tell your Dr you are taking it,​ as​ it​ can counteract with other medicines. it​ has been banned in​ Ireland,​ you can only get it​ over there now on​ prescription.

We don't have the​ ability to​ make our own vitamin C so we​ can only get it​ through food and supplements,​ it's also known as​ Ascorbic Acid. Good sources of​ vitamin C are fruit juices,​ fruit such as​ oranges,​ potatoes and broccoli. Children as​ young as​ 3 months can take vitamin C supplements.

Iron is​ a​ vital vitamin,​ for red blood cells,​ lack of​ iron can lead to​ anaemia,​ it​ is​ especially essential for menstruating women,​ children,​ the​ elderly,​ vegans and pregnant women.

Aloe Vera is​ also good for acne and shiny hair; it​ is​ best taken in​ tablet form,​ as​ the​ liquid supplement tastes very bitter.

Calcium is​ a​ vital vitamin,​ for healthy teeth and bones; vegans can find it​ in​ tofu and some Soya milk.

New Old About Vitamins

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