New Jersey Real Estate The Garden State

New Jersey Real Estate – the​ Garden State
New Jersey is​ often miscast as​ a​ less than nice place to​ live, when the​ truth is​ the​ garden state motto is​ accurate .​
New Jersey real estate prices reflect Atlantic Ocean influences .​
New Jersey
With the​ crooning of​ Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey has been depicted as​ a​ non-descript home of​ industry .​
Take a​ ride on the​ turnpike in​ the​ north and​ you’ll agree .​
Simply put, parts of​ the​ state are unattractive, but much of​ the​ rest is​ very nice .​
New Jersey is​ that odd location where you want to​ avoid the​ bigger cities and​ live in​ the​ smaller towns .​
They represent gems on the​ eastern seaboard with low prices relative to​ the​ region .​
Move to​ New Jersey and​ you’ll be close to​ areas such as​ the​ gambling at​ Atlantic City, beaches on the​ Atlantic and​ large cities such as​ New York City .​
Home to​ the​ famous and​ respected Princeton University, the​ town of​ Princeton is​ simply beautiful .​
You’ll find older historic homes, castle-like buildings and​ green, overgrown landscaping .​
While this is​ definitely a​ college town, the​ atmosphere fall more towards the​ study of​ intellectual discourse than toga parties .​
Home to​ such notable individuals as​ Albert Einstein, Princeton is​ a​ surprisingly quiet and​ a​ good place to​ raise a​ family .​
Atlantic City
If gambling is​ your game, Atlantic City is​ the​ spot on the​ East Coast .​
Sitting on the​ coast, this is​ the​ home of​ over the​ top casinos with a​ heavy influence of​ Trump .​
To be honest, Atlantic City is​ a​ take it​ or​ leave it​ place .​
The city has gone through major economic swings and​ is​ heavily influenced by the​ seasons .​
The winters can be depressing, but spring and​ summer can be a​ hoot with a​ mass of​ tourist livening up the​ area .​
Atlantic City is​ often described as​ a​ poor man’s Las Vegas, but it​ is​ more akin to​ the​ Reno area without the​ skiing and​ mountains .​
New Jersey Real Estate
New Jersey real estate prices are all over the​ map .​
Prices range from the​ mid $250,000s to​ as​ high as​ the​ $900,000s for​ homes .​
You’ll need to​ research the​ prices in​ your area of​ interest .​
On a​ positive note, appreciation rates are strong in​ New Jersey .​
On average, real estate appreciated at​ a​ rate of​ over 16 percent in​ 2018.

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