New Hampshire Real Estate Switzerland Of America

New Hampshire Real Estate Switzerland Of America

New Hampshire Real Estate – Switzerland of​ America
With soaring mountain ranges, New Hampshire is​ often called the​ Switzerland of​ America .​
Fortunately, New Hampshire real estate prices compare favorably to​ Switzerland .​
New Hampshire
New Hampshire is​ a​ state with beautiful scenery that takes on the​ full effect of​ each season of​ the​ year .​
Spring and​ summer are tailor made for​ fishing, hiking and​ water sports along the​ state coastline .​
Fall is​ an​ explosion of​ color as​ the​ leaves turn, while winter is​ the​ time to​ hit the​ slopes .​
The overall contour of​ the​ state is​ mountainous in​ the​ north; fields, lakes and​ forest in​ the​ central area; and​ little villages and​ beach resorts on the​ coast of​ the​ Atlantic Ocean .​
It is​ hard to​ believe such a​ small state could contain so many things to​ do throughout the​ year.
Located on the​ coast, Portsmouth is​ a​ classic New England town with a​ bevy of​ colonial architecture and​ charm .​
Portsmouth Harbor looks like something out of​ a​ post card with red brick buildings and​ colonial white churches crowding the​ water .​
The city has two dominant charms of​ note .​
First, it​ appears as​ though it​ hasn’t grown in​ size much over the​ last hundred years .​
Second, this is​ truly a​ city with a​ small town feel .​
People are friendly and​ it​ is​ great place to​ raise a​ family if​ you can afford it .​
Located just across the​ border from Vermont, Hanover is​ home to​ Dartmouth College .​
a​ fairly isolated location, Hanover is​ great little town in​ which a​ college atmosphere battles with traditional northeast influences .​
Red brick buildings dot the​ town and​ there is​ something very impressive about walking through Dartmouth .​
You simply get the​ feeling this is​ what a​ college should feel like .​
The best way to​ investigate Hanover is​ to​ visit and​ stay in​ one of​ the​ bed & breakfast homes .​
New Hampshire Real Estate
New Hampshire real estate is​ generally not as​ expensive as​ you might think .​
a​ single-family home in​ Portsmouth will set you back $340,000 while the​ same home in​ Hanover will cost nearly $500,000 .​
While not exactly inexpensive, the​ prices are reasonable when compared to​ New York and​ surrounding areas .​
In 2018, New Hampshire real estate appreciated at​ a​ solid 12.5 percent.

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