New Guidelines For High Blood Pressure Treatment

New Guidelines For High Blood Pressure Treatment

Today, high blood pressure treatment emphasizes lifestyle as​ much as​ medicine. Approaches to​ lowering blood pressure may also involve using alternative medicines to​ supplement traditional medication.

In other words, sole reliance on drugs is​ now being replaced by more comprehensive methods of​ disease management.

One of​ the​ centerpieces of​ this approach is​ replacing a​ sedentary lifestyle with a​ more active one. Physical activity is​ very helpful in​ reducing hypertension.

Increasing levels of​ physical fitness has many benefits including bringing blood pressure closer to​ normal levels. of​ course, taking up an​ exercise regimen should be done under medical supervision, particularly if​ the​ patient has been leading a​ sedentary lifestyle.

Exercise also cuts down on excess weight, which is​ another factor that pushes up blood pressure above normal levels. There is​ a​ strong correlation between obesity and​ hypertension and​ the​ latter can often be controlled by taking care of​ the​ former.

Stress is​ a​ big factor in​ most people's lives these days. and​ stress can contribute significantly to​ hypertension. Therefore contemporary treatment for​ hypertension includes making patients aware of​ the​ factors that contribute to​ stress levels.

They are also taught to​ manage these stress factors better. That includes managing the​ stress-causing situations better as​ well as​ managing the​ patients' internal reactions to​ the​ stress. the​ latter can include, among other things, yoga, meditation and​ relaxation exercises.

Many stressors cannot be eliminated, but may be successfully reduced. Both work and​ home related stress needs to​ be managed to​ help control high blood pressure.

A healthy diet is, of​ course, essential for​ hypertensive patients. They are advised to​ avoid excessive intake of​ dairy products and​ salt. Blood pressure can be controlled much more easily when diet is​ managed well.

Alcohol consumption needs to​ be moderated or​ eliminated. Now, there is​ some evidence that alcohol in​ small quantities can actually be beneficial to​ the​ body. However, continued excess consumption of​ alcohol puts considerable strain on many organs of​ the​ body including the​ heart. Part of​ the​ problem arises from the​ sheer bulk of​ alcohol, particularly if​ beer is​ consumed.

Foods like garlic and​ onions as​ well as​ some herbs have been found to​ contribute to​ lower blood pressure. Herbs that contain an​ amino acid called L-arginine are said to​ be useful for​ this purpose. Utilizing alternate medicine should be done only under adequate supervision.

There are also newer drugs to​ control high blood pressure, including calcium channel blockers. Some of​ these drugs effectively counteract side effects caused by medication.

High blood pressure treatment has evolved into a​ well-rounded approach that relies on more than just medication to​ handle the​ condition.

New Guidelines For High Blood Pressure Treatment

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