New Caledonia Casinos

New Caledonia Casinos

The French overseas territory of​ New Caledonia,​ with its population of​ just a​ quarter of​ a​ million,​ and its location far away from the​ main population center in​ the​ southwest of​ the​ Pacific,​ is​ not well known internationally for the​ gambling facilities it​ offers its visitors. Yet,​ there are two New Caledonia casinos in​ the​ capital Noumea,​ and so all but the​ most demanding gambler should find there are plenty of​ opportunities to​ try their luck on​ the​ slot machines or​ gaming tables.

Noumea,​ situated on​ the​ south of​ the​ main island,​ Grande Terre,​ has a​ population of​ nearly 100,​000. in​ World War II,​ it​ was the​ headquarters of​ the​ US military in​ the​ Pacific,​ but today a​ lack of​ good air connections means that it​ is​ not well known by tourists. Both the​ New Caledonia casinos are located here,​ namely the​ Casino Royal and the​ Grand Casino.

The Grand Casino,​ on​ Pointe Magnin,​ found in​ the​ Le Meridien hotel,​ is​ the​ country's premier gambling spot. it​ offers customers 210 slot machines,​ and for those with the​ confidence and money to​ play the​ gaming tables,​ 18 tables playing American roulette,​ baccarat,​ blackjack,​ and poker.

It's not all gambling however. the​ hotel is​ situated on​ the​ blue waters of​ the​ Pacific,​ with its own outdoor pool and sandy beaches. Other activities that are available include scuba diving and a​ health club. There is​ a​ French restaurant if​ all that gambling has left you feeling hungry.

The other New Caledonia casino,​ the​ Casino Royal,​ is​ located at​ Roche a​ lo voile,​ in​ the​ Hotel Surf Novotel. it​ offers hotel guests and visitors 12 slot machines and 11 table games,​ which play baccarat,​ blackjack,​ Punto Banco,​ and roulette. as​ with the​ Le Meridien,​ the​ hotel is​ by the​ sea,​ and for those who prefer,​ there is​ a​ freshwater swimming pool. in​ addition,​ there is​ a​ French restaurant,​ a​ Japanese restaurant,​ and a​ popular bar.

New Caledonia Casinos

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