New And Latest Concept In Pixel Advertising

New And Latest Concept In Pixel Advertising

New and​ latest concept in​ Pixel Advertising
While television advertisers are scrambling to​ conquer Tivo® and​ get people to​ actually look at​ their ads, a​ new breed of​ fast emerging media may be just what they’ve been looking for.
The new media that could save the​ day for​ advertisers looking to​ recapture lost viewers is​ called pixel ads .​
Pixel ads are found on web sites that sell micro-ads sized in​ 10 by 10 pixel increments .​
The tiny ads are placed on the​ pixel ad site’s home page and​ link to​ the​ web sites of​ the​ various advertisers.
Here is​ the​ domain of​ InnovativePixelPage( ) a​ leading micro-ad site .​
Pixel based ads originally conceived of​ by Alex Tew of​ the​ UK, became popular with the​ launch of​ Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage ( in​ early September and​ catering to​ mainly European businesses and​ consumers .​
But US based advertisers had nowhere to​ go until the​ arrival of​ InnovativePixelPage.
While television and​ other so called mainstream media advertisers are desperately trying to​ make ads that will be watched by consumers at​ all, pixel ad sites like InnovativepixelPage and​ MDH are literally attracting thousands of​ viewers daily who come to​ their sites just to​ look at​ the​ ads.
In fact average visitors to​ look at​ a​ minimum of​ 4 - 5 advertisers with each visit .​
In fact, some advertisers report doubling their web site traffic in​ a​ matter of​ days along with greatly increased sales.
The micro-ads are intriguing because of​ their small size .​
Basically curiosity forces you to​ look at​ them and​ find out what they are .​
This writer spent about 5 minutes per visit to​ each of​ the​ above sites pixeling (hovering over and​ clicking on ads) .​
I​ bookmarked many of​ the​ sites and​ left the​ pages open so I​ could go back and​ click ads I​ hadn’t seen yet throughout the​ day .​
It’s totally addicting .​
I​ remember having a​ similar addition when Tetris was released.
Pixel ads could also help many advertisers reach the​ coveted echo-boomer generation who are notoriously cynical and​ averse to​ advertising .​
Because of​ their cute & cuddly and​ off-beat nature, pixel ads are an​ ideal vehicle to​ advertise to​ this demographic.
Peter hill, Creator of​ commented, It's a​ whirlwind, referring to​ the​ many advertiser calls In Touch has received .​
Cefail is​ also surprised that, when visitors click on the​ advertiser's ads, they are on these sites for​ hours .​
Already, the​ guys that bought the​ first ads are reporting tremendous volume shifts.
Echo-boomer, musician and​ rock blog owner Bishop Dolarhyde commented: …the flow of​ new traffic to​ my site stayed steady with my 2,000 pixel block which is​ still ALOT smaller than your average internet ad .​
No banner ad I​ have ever purchased, even at​ MANY times the​ size, has out-performed Pixel Bay micro-ads .​
I’m happy to​ say that about half of​ my traffic for​ the​ first week came from Pixel Bay .​
I​ plan on buying more little blocks to​ scatter on the​ page .​
I​ am excited about other creative ways I​ can use these micro-ads to​ promote my site.
To sum it​ up: pixel ads are perfect for​ advertisers interested in​ getting their ads really looked at​ and​ lots of​ fun for​ consumers to​ explore .​
These micro-ads are the​ future of​ advertising and​ a​ win-win all around.

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