New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 15

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 15

Amazing, I thought. He barely spoke to​ me a​ few hours ago, made an​ appointment, canceled it, and dropped off my gift book in​ the mailbox. And what a​ title — The AncientLight Within.Since I needed another good book to​ read, I was grateful for this one. I opened it,searching for the name of​ the publisher and author. There, printed on the first page was “The Ancient Light Within by the Editors of​ G & M Enterprises, The Big City, United States of​ America.” On the left, inside cover, hand-written in​ beautiful penmanship, were the words “To John with love and the respect that one student of​ life owes another.” The signature, however, was unreadable. While trying to​ sort out this confusing information, I uttered an​ old expression I sometimes use,“What man! Blast!” The children looked up in​ surprise from their play, and Malika asked,“Is everything OK, Daddy?”

“Oh, yes,” I quickly said as​ I put away the book. Dinner first I reasoned, book later.

After the children were in​ bed, I returned to​ The Ancient Light Within and flipped through the pages. I was familiar with the G & M Company, but wasn’t aware that they published books. The story slowly unfolded about a​ person who became successful after a​ long series of​ tragedies. He was led to​ follow the guidance that came from within him and had never given up. The hero’s example was an​ inspiration and a​ comfort to​ me.

Putting the book away, I thought to​ myself that perhaps we all have the ability to​ turn disaster into triumph and poverty into plenty. Perhaps within us all is​ this “ancient light” that will guide us,if we just look for it​ in​ our hearts. With disconnected thoughts of​ that nature, I turned in​ to​ bed, forgetting books,forgetting encyclopedias, forgetting everything but the soft comfort of​ my pillow.

Tomorrow would be Saturday and I so looked forward to​ weekends.

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New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 15

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