New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 16

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 16

When I awoke it​ was already daylight. I have a​ favorite spot where I sit with my first cup of​ morning coffee. It’s in​ the kitchen,facing the large window that overlooks the woods behind the house. Earlier that year,I had erected a​ number of​ bird feeders,and I took pleasure in​ watching the birds as​ they enjoyed the seeds Malika and Jonathan set out for them. One bird feeder was suspended from a​ thin wire stretched out between two giant oak trees. This was an​ effort in​ my neverending battle to​ prevent the relentless squirrels from devouring the entire lot of​ seed.

Squirrels are relatively intelligent it​ seems. in​ spite of​ all my precautions, they always found a​ way to​ get to​ the feeders. This morning I observed two young squirrels eagerly eyeing the hanging feeder. I could almost feel the intensity of​ their focus as​ they mentally calculated distances between the tree and their goal. Finally,one of​ them jumped,bumped against the feeder and tumbled immediately to​ the ground.In so doing, he shook some seeds off the feeder,and he and his friend commenced dining on the fallen seeds.They rotated the procedure, each one taking a​ turn at​ jumping and hitting the feeder then,in unison, feasting on the seeds.

There seemed to​ be no conflict in​ their systematic exercise of​ this practice, no competition,just cooperation and sharing. as​ I pondered this ongoing performance, I forgot about the book I had received in​ the mail, I forgot about my problems remaining to​ be solved,and I wondered who had taught the squirrels their acrobatic feeding routine. How did they learn to​ bury nuts? What were the life force and the intelligence in​ them that made them so graceful as​ they went about their daily tasks? There is​ an​ unhurriedness about animals that is​ so uncommon in​ most human beings. They seem to​ live entirely in​ the present with no regrets of​ yesterday nor any fears for tomorrow.

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New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 16

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