New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 47

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 47

It is​ generally difficult not to​ be optimistic, happy and peaceful when I’m with Gideon. And, with the added enjoyment of​ Marla’s presence, the evening promised to​ be, in​ a​ manner of​ speaking, “out of​ this world.” I was anxious to​ ask Marla questions, to​ learn what she was doing, to​ know more about her work. When we said good- bye many years ago, I knew I would see her again, but now I wondered if​ she knew of​ the trials I had endured since then.

As if​ in​ answer to​ my unspoken questions, Marla said,“Of course I know what you’ve been going through, John. I don’t understand why you insist on using the word ‘trials’ to​ describe your journey. Yes, I’m aware of​ the passing of​ your wife, the loss of​ many of​ those you called friends, the situations where family members turned against you and the perpetual struggle to​ earn a​ living for you and your children. I also know of​ those lonely moments when you cried out to​ God for help. at​ dinner we’ll probably touch on some of​ these matters. Also, you’ll probably see some of​ our old friends, as​ we told a​ few folks that we would be there this evening. However, for now, let’s just enjoy the ride. We’re almost ready for the trans-dimensional shift.”

Before I could say anything,the sound of​ the motor was replaced by an​ odd clicking as​ if​ someone had suddenly taken possession of​ the car and were adjusting its instruments. Without warning, there was a​ dazzling flash of​ light, and for a​ moment I felt as​ if​ suspended in​ time and space. I was sure that I was having a​ lucid dream and that when I woke up, I’d be in​ my bed. But this wasn’t a​ dream. Gideon made sure I knew that this was real by saying, “You are really experiencing this, John. We’ll be there soon.”

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