New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 66

“Then how come you knew what I was thinking?” I asked. “Our thoughts became one for a​ little while, so I was aware of​ the essence of​ what was in​ your mind. You do that all the time, you know. How often in​ the past few years have you been able to​ answer people’s questions before the questions were ever asked?”

“Yes,I see what you mean,” I said. Now I was thinking of​ Mardai and the years we had spent together. Memories of​ the past started flowing fast and furious through my mind. But this time I wasn’t going to​ be overcome by emotions. I was going to​ come over them, instead.

“Marla, I have always felt that you knew my wife. There seems to​ be a​ connection between the two of​ you.”

“Yes, I know her. We know each other fairly well.”

“Do you know where she is​ now? How is​ she and what is​ she doing?” My words were tumbling out so fast that Marla had to​ slow me down.

“Easy, John, one thing at​ a​ time.” She paused for a​ while then continued. “She and I, as​ well as​ some others, have been together from the beginning, if​ you insist on sequential time. if​ you prefer to​ think in​ simultaneous time, then we are always together.”

“Please, Marla, don’t make it​ too complex. Just tell me where she is​ and what she’s doing.”

“There isn’t much to​ tell. Her work with you here on the physical Earth plane was done. Had she stayed any longer, you might not have gone on to​ finish the job you came here to​ do. She felt she could do no more to​ help you with your work and so, she went on ahead, knowing that when you had completed the tasks you set yourself, you would join her.

“She’s always near you, and even this very evening as​ you sat under the old tree, her presence was with you. a​ love that is​ born of​ eternity lasts throughout eternity. The only reality in​ heaven or​ Earth,the only thing that counts,is how deep and true our love is. Her love for you has always been true and steadfast.She helps you in​ your work and in​ your everyday life. She watches over the children and assists in​ their development. She is​ as​ much a​ part of​ your life now as​ she ever was. The only difference is​ that the physical presence is​ gone; however, the spiritual body can never die. You never lost her. Love never loses. You and Mardai are bound together by ties that span the universe itself.

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