New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 72

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 72

“John, stop putting yourself down. There’s been enough of​ that in​ the past. We enjoyed your company. You’re just striving to​ learn more, to​ know more and to​ be a​ better person. That’s why you ask so many questions. You can never annoy us. We love you too much. Let’s go. After you get a​ good night’s rest, you’ll feel much better.” “Thanks, Gideon. Please, let me help pay for dinner.” “No, John. it​ goes on my expense account. Remember we work for G&M Enterprises, Inc. The pay is​ first-rate and the benefits package is​ excellent.”

“Why don’t you get me a​ job with your company, Gideon?” I asked. “I could certainly use some of​ those benefits and I’m sure I’d enjoy the increase in​ pay.”

There was that twinkle in​ his eye again as​ he replied, “You already work for the company, John. in​ fact, you, Marla and I are in​ the same department. Your problem is​ you think that you’re working for everyone else, even though you work only for yourself and the company.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, but he did not explain any further.

By this time we had arrived at​ the front of​ the building. The same limousine was parked, ready to​ pick us up. as​ we got in, Marla leaned over and whispered, “It was a​ very pleasant evening. We’ll see you again, soon.”

The doors closed and I heard the ringing of​ a​ telephone. Why would anyone be calling now? I was feeling extremely drowsy and my eyes must have closed for a​ second. The ringing of​ the phone continued and I jumped up. to​ my surprise, I found myself in​ my bed at​ home, and the ringing was coming from the phone on the bedside table. I reached over and grabbed it, not knowing for sure where I was or​ what was going on.

“Hello,” I said, glancing at​ the clock; it​ read 7:11. it​ was morning. “Hello,” I said again.

The voice on the other end answered, “It’s your wake up call, Mr. H. Have a​ pleasant day!”

Before I could say anything further, there was a​ click as​ the caller hung up. I replaced the receiver and sat up in​ bed to​ clear my mind. I don’t get wake-up calls at​ home. I had to​ sort things out. How did I get here? I remembered leaving for dinner last night with Marla and Gideon and making arrangements for baby-sitting. The restaurant, Theo, Marla and Gideon were fresh in​ my mind. The little Scottish village by the sea,the bagpipes, Charlie and Donald. to​ say the least, I was be wildered and quite disoriented.

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New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 72

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