New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 40

As I contemplated these ideas, I realized how helpful and practical Gideon had been. He was trying to​ show me the way to​ a​ more glorious life. His method of​ teaching was simplicity itself. His was a​ lifetime of​ love and understanding, and because I felt his concern,I responded by learning many lessons extremely quickly. He used examples from everyday life and imparted to​ me not only knowledge, but understanding at​ the same time.

I remember driving along on a​ super highway once, accompanied by Gideon. it​ was a​ beautiful day and all seemed peaceful. I was, as​ usual, questioning Gideon about my concerns. “What is​ the meaning of​ life, Gideon?” I asked, more to​ aggravate him than anything else.

“Life has no meaning, John.”

“No meaning, Gideon?” I was shocked.

“Life has no meaning. You have meaning. You bring meaning to​ life,” he calmly replied.

At about that moment there was the terrifying sound of​ squealing brakes and honking horns. I reacted quickly as​ a​ green sports car cut in​ front of​ me without even so much as​ a​ signal. it​ continued weaving in​ and out, disrupting the synchronized flow of​ traffic that had prevailed for the last half hour or​ so. I was visibly shaken. “That idiot!” I shouted. “He could have caused an​ accident. Look at​ him speed, Gideon! He may still cause a​ wreck.” “He certainly is​ in​ a​ hurry, John,” Gideon replied. “How can you sit there so calmly? The jerk almost ran us off the road! We could have had a​ horrible accident. What do you think about that?”

“ ‘Could haves’ don’t count. it​ doesn’t matter what could have happened. Only what is​ really happening is​ important. Listen, calm down and let’s keep going. No harm has been done.”

These were the times when I wanted, more than anything else, to​ yell at​ Gideon or​ grab him by the neck and squeeze until he abandoned his attitude of​ calmness. How could someone always maintain such balance? I knew he had abilities beyond the ordinary, but nevertheless, it​ was extremely frustrating, and at​ the same time strangely comforting, to​ see him responding instead of​ reacting to​ circumstances and events.

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