New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 2

Sometimes, the simplest things can be the most profound. So it​ was on this beautiful morning in​ June. it​ was almost like any other morning in​ summer except for the peculiarity of​ the sunlight in​ my backyard. The rays of​ light streaming through the outstretched branches seemed to​ take on a​ special hue. an​ otherworldly glow from these reflections set the tone for the day. What a​ glorious morning, I thought, as​ I made preparations to​ take my wife, Mardai,to the hospital again.

It had been slightly over two years that Mardai, only in​ her thirties, had been battling cancer. There were many things we were planning for the years ahead. The strain and stress of​ the disease had taken its toll on the two of​ us, as​ well as​ the other members of​ the family. There had been a​ time when we faced life bravely and took no thought for the pitfalls that might lie in​ our way.

It is​ my belief that one can become accustomed to​ anything.Thus it​ was with our continuing fight with the disease. Over the years the cancer had shown signs of​ retreating, only to​ return with a​ vengeance a​ short while later. Since Mardai had not been feeling too well recently, her doctor insisted on her returning to​ the hospital for observation.

As the time to​ leave approached, we said our goodbyes to​ the children. Malika,our daughter, held her brother Jonathan’s hand as​ we pulled out of​ the drive way. They are very special children, these two. Born approximately four years apart,they were both adopted at​ an​ extremely young age. They had brought much joy into our lives and now, at​ the ages of​ eleven and seven, were adjusting as​ best they could to​ the anguish of​ our family dilemma.

The hospital was, perhaps, an​ hour’s drive from home. as​ usual, it​ was good to​ be alone with Mardai in​ the car. We spoke of​ the “good old days” and how kind they had been to​ us. We exchanged views on my work, the children,our friends and our future. Although she laughed at​ my feeble jokes,I could see deep within her eyes the shadows of​ sadness. With guarded expectations we discussed plans for our twentieth wedding anniversary,which was only a​ week and a​ half away.

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