New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 34

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 34

Picking up a​ few items in​ the supermarket should have been a​ relatively simple matter. Today it​ was not. in​ fact, planning the invasion of​ Normandy paled in​ comparison. a​ careless shopper, intent on rushing through the aisles, bumped her shopping cart into mine. This collision knocked me into a​ stacked display of​ canned goods,causing them to​ scatter in​ every direction. Caught off-balance,I slipped and landed on a​ well-padded portion of​ my anatomy. Gazing up, I saw a​ number of​ people rushing toward me to​ see if​ I needed help. More embarrassed than injured, I picked myself up and walked on as​ if​ nothing had happened.I half smiled at​ the curious onlookers, but inside me was a​ boiling cauldron.

Finally, at​ the check-out counter, I felt that I was in​ safe territory. But even there, I encountered problems. One of​ the items in​ my shopping cart did not have a​ price code. as​ a​ result,the entire line was held up while someone was dispatched to​ confirm the actual price. Meanwhile, other impatient customers were glaring at​ me as​ if​ I was solely responsible for their delay. at​ last, someone found the correct price and I checked out. With a​ final effort to​ remain calm, I made my way back to​ my car, only to​ discover that in​ my haste I had locked the keys inside.

By this time I’d lost all desire to​ remain calm and controlled. a​ bumper sticker on the next car summarized my exact feelings. it​ said, “Patience, my ass . . . I want to​ kill somebody.” Placing my bag of​ groceries on the hood of​ the car, I wanted to​ scream in​ frustration. I had a​ spare key,but it​ was at​ home. There’s got to​ be a​ better way,I reasoned. And then it​ struck me. I had been reacting to​ all the aggravating events of​ the day. All I needed to​ do was to​ respond in​ a​ more enlightened manner. I had forgotten my resolve to​ change my perceptions and deal with problems on a​ different level.

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