New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 71

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 71

“Come now, John!” Marla said. “You meet with God and it’s not important? You ask questions of​ Jesus, the Buddha, Gandhi and others, and you wonder whether you were dreaming or​ really experiencing the events? You conversed with your dad who had died a​ few years earlier, and you think it’s your imagination? Listen, John, there is​ an​ extremely fine line between reality and dreams. in​ their own dimensions, they are each very real. The trick is​ to​ know which is​ which and to​ put to​ use the information you get from both.”

“Well, I’m sorry if​ I seem so hard headed, Marla,” I retorted. “There are times when life can be extremely perplexing. One day you’re up and everything appears perfect. The next day you’re down and the whole world seems to​ be turning against you. I’d really like for God to​ explain to​ me in​ a​ few simple sentences how to​ make life work. Could we arrange for another meeting so that, once and for all, my questions will be answered?”

It was Gideon who answered this time. “We could arrange for you to​ meet with the personalities you referred to. But remember they cannot change your life. Only you can do that. Whatever else you want to​ say about life, one thing is​ certain, life is, it​ just is. Not death and taxes. Just life and the universe.”

“I seem to​ be a​ poor dinner guest this evening, my friends,” I said. “Perhaps it’s just because I’m tired and need some rest. Can we go now? We’ll speak about these things some other time.”

Theo got up, wished us all a​ fine evening, said good- bye and left Gideon, Marla and me sitting there.

“Yes, it’s about time you get back,” Marla said as​ we prepared to​ leave.

“Thanks for such a​ great evening,” I said. “I wish that I’d been better company.”

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New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 71

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