New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 61

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 61

The wind in​ the leaves above reminded me of​ poems I’d read about mystical lands and climes,though where I was tonight was mystical in​ itself. Thoughts flooded my mind, tumbling over one another in​ an​ effort to​ grab my attention. I had concentrated my focus so intently on the present that I could scarcely remember I was supposed to​ be having dinner with Gideon and Marla. Time often appears to​ be relative, resembling situations in​ everyday life when whatever it​ is​ that you are doing is​ enjoyable and full of​ excitement. it​ seems to​ speed up or​ slow down, even to​ stand still while we immerse ourselves in​ the matters of​ the moment.

My mind returned to​ dinner, and then to​ my children, my home and my work, and I began to​ feel uneasy. Tomorrow would be a​ new day with new challenges, and here I was whiling away the hours with restaurants, bagpipes and trans-dimensional shifts. For all I knew, this was a​ dream, and everyone knows that strange things can happen in​ dreams. Perhaps there was no such thing as​ a​ trans-dimensional shift or​ no such place as​ a​ Restaurant at​ the Edge of​ Eternity. What was I doing here? I felt I must return to​ wherever I had come from or, at​ least, I must wake up from this dream.

Anxiety was beginning to​ overwhelm me when I suddenly remembered the remote control on my belt. I hurriedly got up, grasped it​ and stared at​ the buttons. “Press red,” Gideon had said, “if you want to​ stop or​ change the program.” And the white button was to​ call Marla. By this time, my palms were wet with perspiration. No longer could I hear the ocean nor see the moon above. My thoughts continued racing faster and faster.What had started out as​ a​ beautiful fantasy evening was fast becoming a​ horrible nightmare.

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