New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 9

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 9

Among the different people I’d met years ago was a​ man whose name was Gideon. Today, as​ I sat quietly on the porch gazing at​ the trees in​ the backyard, he came to​ my mind once more. Gideon was a​ very special person, indeed. I first met him in​ a​ parking lot not far from the Big City where I used to​ live. Together we shared some special adventures and through him I was introduced to​ some of​ the most exhilarating experiences of​ my life.

I had often wondered what became of​ him. Through the traumatic and trying times of​ the recent past, I always hoped he would appear again, sharing more secrets of​ the universe, as​ he had done long ago. Both he and his colleague, Marla, had been a​ comfort during my times of​ financial difficulties, but it​ had been a​ long time since I’d seen either one. The last time we met was somewhat like a​ dream where Gideon, Marla and I attended a​ party with some noted guests.

Time and distance take their toll on memory. I could vaguely recall mingling with the guests, all the while listening to​ their ideas about life on Earth, God, the Universe and individual purpose. But that was a​ long time ago, and so many changes had occurred in​ my life since then. No longer did I share the company of​ my wife of​ many years. My children were growing up, and it​ seemed that Gideon and Marla dwelled in​ another time and space far, far away. Yet, there was a​ part of​ me that knew I would meet them again one day.

Days dragged slowly into weeks, and weeks into months. The emptiness that enveloped my life seemed to​ precipitate inertia. My only desire was to​ do nothing but sit and stare blankly. There are many things we know intellectually but do not believe in​ our hearts. What would it​ be like, I wondered, if​ Mardai appeared to​ me and told me how she was and what she was doing?

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New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 9

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