New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 41

As if​ reading my thoughts, he said, “We all must learn sooner or​ later to​ respond instead of​ react. When we react to​ what seem to​ be obstacles, we tend to​ become reactors and our reaction controls us. When we respond from a​ higher standpoint of​ understanding, we then are acting in​ a​ responsible manner and our very response controls circumstances and events. I know that you have given thought to​ this before.”

“It isn’t that I don’t understand all that, Gideon. It’s just so . . . well . . . actually, you seem so perfect that it​ makes me think I could not accomplish even a​ tenth of​ what you have mastered.” I hesitated for a​ moment and then asked, “Do you see what I mean, Gideon?”

His voice seemed softer and more reflective as​ he replied, “Do you think I became able to​ do these things without ever having to​ pay a​ price? Do you think I just woke up one morning, and there I was, with all these abilities and all this wisdom? Do you think it​ came easy? No, no my friend, I’m afraid not. There was a​ steep price to​ pay. I also have a​ ‘Gideon’ who teaches and helps. He is​ so far above my level of​ development that I, too, sometimes despair of​ ever mastering a​ tenth of​ what he can. But I keep working. I keep practicing. I keep hoping. And I have the faith that I will get there. And beyond there, too. And you — you are a​ ‘Gideon’ to​ others. Don’t you think at​ times some others look at​ you and, seeing you as​ you are, wish they could be heir to​ some of​ your abilities? Don’t you think they, too, become frustrated? On Earth, the growth and learning take time, John. So it’s more evolutionary than revolutionary. However, some people still search for instant enlightenment.

“Sometimes what is​ gained in​ speed is​ lost in​ strength. Build strong and at​ your own pace. Instant gratification is​ the curse of​ modern civilization. Yes! Most things require time, John. But then, you have an​ eternity to​ do all you would like to​ do and to​ accomplish the tasks you have set for yourself. if​ you combine a​ measure of​ knowledge and wisdom with a​ large dose of​ practice, you will reach any goal.” His voice trailed off as​ he came to​ the end and we both sat in​ silence for a​ while.

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