New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 102

She seemed to​ be so concerned, so caring, and her voice was so soothing, that I sat silently for a​ time looking at​ the woods. Slowly at​ first and then with total absorption, my entire body started to​ relax. an​ overwhelming feeling of​ peace came over me and I smiled at​ Gideon. I even winked at​ Marla.

“It’s fine,” I whispered. “I know where He is.”

“I think we’ve finally gotten through to​ him, Gideon,” Marla announced proudly.

“I think so,” was Gideon’s reply.

“Yes, my dear friends,” I said, “God is​ right here with me. He is​ in​ my heart, my very mind and soul. I don’t have to​ go anywhere to​ find Him. All I have to​ do is​ to​ be quiet and I can hear Him speak to​ me. Now I know what you meant when you said that God is​ always here, that He visits my home, that He never leaves me. at​ first, I knew with my head, but now I know with my heart. Please, forgive me for not seeing this earlier. I just wonder why it​ took so long.”

“Nothing to​ forgive, John,” said Gideon. “Each of​ us eventually finds our God. For some, it​ happens quickly, but for others it​ may take a​ long, long time. You have really done well, John.”

Gideon reached into the inside pocket of​ his jacket and pulled out an​ envelope. Handing it​ to​ me, he said, “This letter is​ for you, John. God wanted me to​ deliver it​ to​ you personally.”

I took the letter and mumbled a​ grateful “Thank you.” Written on a​ blue envelope were the words, “To John with love — Open immediately.” it​ was signed “G.” I carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the contents. I glanced at​ Gideon, who said, “Read it​ now, John. Read it​ aloud, if​ you wish. We were present when He wrote it.”

I leaned back in​ my chair, making myself a​ bit more comfortable and started reading.

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