New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 22

Life is​ not like a​ roller coaster. Look at​ it​ as​ that and you will always have ups and downs. Certainly you’ve been through a​ lot in​ the past years. of​ course, you and those with you have suffered. But that is​ only part of​ the story. Believe me, you were watched over and you were protected. All people are. Each and every one of​ the human life forms on Earth has its own protective system. You are forever safe even though, at​ times, you may think that your world is​ crumbling.”

Almost an​ hour had passed while we sat there talking. I was still curious about many things as​ I shifted the direction of​ the conversation.“Gideon, tell me about G&M Enterprises. Do you still work for them? And Marla, how is​ she?”

“All in​ good time,John,” he replied. “One phase of​ your life is​ over and another has begun. We have to​ work much more closely now. That’s why I am here today. I’ll have to​ leave soon. But I will be in​ touch with you again. Just read and reread the book I gave you. it​ is​ somewhat like a​ tour- guide,and provides pointers on how to​ navigate the oceans of​ life. I know you’ll enjoy it.” Gideon leaned back in​ his chair and looked at​ the clock on the kitchen wall.

“Don’t tell me you’re leaving now,” I said. “You just got here. I need answers to​ my questions.”

“No, John. You have all the answers. What you need to​ work on are the questions. Start asking the proper questions and you’ll be amazed at​ the brilliant answers you have.”

“There you go again,” I said. “Always making statements with multiple meanings. Gideon, I’ve missed you and I hope to​ see you more often. By the way, would the children be able to​ see you if​ they were here in​ this room now? You said long ago that no one else could see you but me.”

“Only if​ it’s necessary,” he replied,getting up from his chair. “They’ll see me eventually. So will others,too,when it’s appropriate.”

“When will we meet again?” I asked, still reluctant to​ let him go. There were so many things to​ discuss. For example, I wanted some explanations as​ to​ why Mardai died at​ such a​ young age.

“Sooner than you think, John,” he said and then as​ an​ after thought continued, “of course, you will understand more about your wife’s death and your future work, which even now, has already begun.”

Gideon came over to​ me,shook my hand and proceeded toward the door. I showed him out and, as​ he went to​ his car, he waved once more. it​ all felt somewhat like a​ dream. Here he was again, and yet I was as​ calm as​ if​ it​ were a​ totally natural thing for the Gideons of​ this world to​ pop in​ and out of​ our lives. I could now hear the shuffling of​ feet and knew that the children were awake and would be down for breakfast shortly. I wondered what they would have said if​ they had met Gideon. I was to​ find out in​ an​ amazing way within the hour.

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