New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 29

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 29

Here I was, putting the cart before the horse, or​ to​ put it​ another way, thinking that it​ was the tail wagging the dog. I began to​ remember some of​ the simple rules of​ life that Gideon had taught me: live one day at​ a​ time; do the best with what you have; love and help one another. in​ the process of​ remembering these truths I became extremely elated. The joy of​ these recollections generated considerable excitement in​ my mind, and before I knew it, everything seemed well with the world. it​ was as​ if​ I had just taken off dark sunglasses and was finally able to​ see clearly. I had been living in​ the past, but had not actually been brilliantly alive in​ the present.

I continued my walk, noticing things that I hadn’t noticed before. The trees seemed to​ be more alive, the flowers more beautiful,and I was aware of​ butterflies floating gently around me. a​ passing motorist waved and smiled. I picked up a​ pinecone and tossed it​ with unbounded pleasure at​ a​ lamppost — something I hadn’t done in​ years. I felt vibrant, alive, and at​ one with the world.

I reached the point where I usually would have turned around to​ walk back home. I stood there for a​ moment and looked up at​ the sky. How blue and beautiful,I observed,with clouds chasing one another across the span. The wind ran races through the growing grass, and way off in​ the distance I could hear a​ dog barking. There I was, in​ the center of​ a​ whole new world that was not really new at​ all. I looked at​ my hands and feet,felt the sweat on my brow and realized that all my physical being was just a​ part of​ the universal scheme of​ things. There was order in​ the world and order in​ the universe, and even though at​ times the order might be disguised by the pressures of​ everyday living, it​ was there — gloriously — every moment of​ our lives.

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