New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 94

“The point I want to​ make is​ that although rituals have their place, what is​ more important is​ what we do for one another,how much we love and help one another. I do not care for incense or​ worship as​ much as​ I care for people, animals, trees and the other aspects of​ my creation. When the intent is​ to​ give service to​ the inhabitants of​ your world, then you’ll truly find your peace. Only then will you come to​ truly know yourself and, in​ so doing, know me better.” His voice trailed into a​ whisper as​ He turned to​ Gideon and Marla and said, “It’s time to​ get John back to​ his home.”

“But, Lord,” I argued, “I still have so many questions. Can’t we . . .?”

“I know. You want to​ ask about Mardai, about your dad, your children, your work and all your other concerns. I’ll meet with you again in​ a​ short while and we’ll go over some of​ those questions. But for now, you need to​ return to​ your regular schedule. You have a​ plane to​ catch and your children are waiting for you. Marla and Gideon will see you back to​ the airport.”

God walked over and threw His arm around my shoulder as​ He led me to​ the door. Gideon and Marla followed behind us. “Don’t forget now, John,” God said,“to just practice being in​ the presence of​ God. Find that secret place where the troubles of​ your world cannot touch you. And, yes,” He added as​ an​ afterthought, “He who dwells in​ the secret place of​ the Most High shall abide under the Shadow of​ the Almighty. I’ll have a​ special treat for you soon. Vaya con Dios.” a​ second later, He was gone.

Marla decided to​ remain at​ G&M Enterprises for a​ while, but promised that she would call me soon. Gideon and I took the elevator down to​ the first floor,caught a​ cab and went directly to​ the airport. We didn’t speak much. I believe he wanted me to​ assimilate most of​ what had happened today. Patting my back, he said good-bye and promised to​ be in​ touch. a​ few hours later, I had left the Big City far behind me. There was a​ sweet sadness in​ leaving my dear friends, but today I knew that I’d experienced a​ most “learningful” adventure, and I couldn’t wait for our next meeting.

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