New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 101

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 101

A few moments later, we were sitting with Marla on the porch. I was expecting God’s arrival any moment now. “Hello,John,” Marla greeted me.“This is​ a​ wonderful setting for a​ meeting with Him.”

“It certainly is,” I responded, “but where is​ He, Marla? This is​ supposed to​ be the day, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s today and the time is​ right.” Then, turning to​ Gideon, she said, “Why don’t you go ahead and explain, Gideon.”

“Relax, John,” said Gideon. “I have a​ few things to​ tell you.”

“I knew it! I knew it!” I shouted, disappointment welling up within me. “Something told me that He wouldn’t be here.” I breathed a​ sigh of​ resignation. Marla and Gideon said nothing for a​ short while. Finally, Gideon took another sip of​ coffee, leaned back in​ his chair and started speaking.

“Listen carefully, John,” he said. “God didn’t disappoint you. God never disappoints anyone. Remember I told you earlier that God is​ never late? He did come. He’s here, but He chose to​ do it​ in​ a​ different manner from the way you saw Him recently. He wanted you to​ realize that you didn’t have to​ go to​ the Big City to​ see Him, that He’s always with you and that an​ appointment is​ not nec- essary. He is​ here and with you this very moment, but you can’t see as​ well as​ you can feel.”

“Then, where is​ He, Gideon?” My voice was still laden with disappointment.

It was Marla who spoke next. “Listen, John, will you trust us for a​ little while longer?”

“Of course, Marla. You know that I’ve always trusted you and Gideon — or​ at​ least, almost always.”

“Well, then,” she said while pointing toward the trees, “look around you, look all around you and become really quiet. Still those thoughts of​ yours that are running wild. Now listen to​ what your heart is​ saying and you’ll begin to​ see God.”

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