New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 70

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 70

Here I was, concerned about the major problems I faced in​ life, and there was Theo telling me about trees. Yet, what he said truly made sense. Sometimes we are so busy with the things that seem important that we forget those that are truly important — our children,our mates,our friends,our Earth.

“I think I’ll have some more wine,” I said as​ I reached for the bottle. I poured some in​ my glass and offered some to​ the others. it​ certainly was the best wine I had ever tasted. “Some of​ my radical religious friends tell me that I’ll go to​ hell for drinking this stuff, Gideon.” I was just commenting without expecting a​ reply, but Gideon expressed his views, anyway.

“Remember Jesus?” he asked. “He enjoyed wine. His very first miracle, as​ recorded in​ the narrative, was turning water into wine. He was quite a​ favored dinner guest in​ Jerusalem, you know. The key is​ moderation in​ all things, John. Too much of​ anything will create imbalances. Enjoy the wine, don’t overdo it, don’t analyze it.” “Now that you brought up Jesus, remember you, me and Marla at​ that party years ago? I’d like to​ do that again. What do you think?” I asked. “Would that be possible?” “It was a​ great get-together,” said Marla, “but it​ was also a​ different space-time situation. You learned so much from the experience that you were able to​ go through some of​ the most difficult years of​ your life without giving up. What did you enjoy most when you were there, John?”

I noticed that she hadn’t answered my question, but had asked me one instead. Neither Marla nor Gideon ever used idle words. Everything they said had some deeper meaning. Every question asked had significance.

“I’m really not sure whether it​ was a​ dream or​ it​ actually occurred, Marla. It’s been such a​ long time. I guess it’s not really important anyway.” I said all that without really giving much thought to​ what I was saying.

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New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 70

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