New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 23

Malika came down first. as​ was her custom, she walked over to​ me,kissed me good morning and sat down at​ the kitchen table. Jonathan immediately followed. There was the usual sparkle in​ his eyes as​ he smiled.

“Hi,Dad,” he said.“Was somebody here? I thought I heard voices.”

“Oh, just a​ fellow who was passing by,” I replied.

“The one who said you won a​ set of​ books?” he asked. Taken aback, I asked, “Who told you that?”

“I’m not sure,” he answered. “I had this dream last night and Mommy told me in​ my dream that a​ man was coming to​ see you and he would bring you a​ set of​ encyclopedias. The dream seemed so real.”

Malika sat quietly listening to​ our conversation, and then she jumped in. “Dad,” she said. “Do you remember that man called Gideon? You used to​ speak about him. Well, I had a​ dream too, but it​ was about Gideon.”

“What did you dream, honey?” I asked.

“Well, it​ doesn’t make much sense, Dad,” she said. “Something about books, I think.”

“Tell me anyway,” I replied.

“OK. But I think it’s nothing. Jonathan and I were playing by the swings in​ our old house near the Big City. This man came up to​ us and said that his name was Gideon and that he would be visiting you and helping you with your problems. He also said that you were very tired, but that all that would soon change. He will be bringing you a​ set of​ books and he wanted us to​ tell you.”

“Dreams,” I half mumbled. Now my children were dreaming of​ Gideon, and on the same day that he reappears. For most people life seems a​ bit confusing. in​ this respect,I was no exception. I was extremely happy to​ see Gideon again, but at​ the same time, I was puzzled by the children’s dreams. I had a​ feeling that even my children were trying to​ bring me messages of​ comfort.

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