New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 60

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 60

“Very well, my lord,” Donald replied. “But we’ve grown accustomed to​ addressing you this way. It’ll take some getting used to.”

We enjoyed a​ hearty meal. Charlie was as​ good at​ cooking as​ he was at​ piping. With dinner over, we relaxed to​ those lovely tunes, which to​ me are such a​ delight. Finally, I looked at​ my watch and saw that it​ was 10:30 P.M. That was when I realized I had my remote control clipped to​ my belt and that I was dressed quite differently from the people of​ this time and place. Yet, no one seemed to​ have noticed. I leaned back, closed my eyes for a​ second and thought I heard Marla’s voice say, “It’s O.K., John. They see you as​ they are. Don’t worry.” For a​ moment I’d almost forgotten where I was. This trans-dimensional travel could be tricky, indeed.

“I must go now, my dear friends,” I said to​ Donald and Charlie. “I still want to​ take that walk along the beach. I think I know how to​ find my way around,so,Donald, you can stay and visit a​ bit longer with Charlie, if​ you like.”

“I’ll do that,” said Donald.

“Will I see you in​ the morning before I leave?” I asked. “If that is​ your wish,” was his reply. “Have yourself a​ very good night.”

I left them standing there and walked slowly toward the sound of​ the ocean. The music of​ the bagpipes was lost in​ the sound of​ the wind and the breakers as​ I stepped into a​ breathtaking moonlit scene. There by the sea,I sat down under a​ giant tree and gazed up at​ the pale moon and the starry heavens. “This is​ so beautiful,so peaceful,” I said to​ myself. “Beautiful and peaceful things should be shared with others.”

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