New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 78

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 78

That part of​ us which seems to​ know,which seems to​ be so silent and serene, that God-part placed there by our Creator is​ ever so loving, ever so kind and always our conscience and our guide. Somehow,I felt safe and sure of​ my world at​ this moment. I wasn’t afraid of​ sequences of​ events or​ even consequences. I was just grateful that a​ whole New World was opening up for me as​ fast as​ it​ was.

Returning home, the first thing I heard was the phone ringing. These days, I’m reluctant to​ answer it, much preferring to​ let the children do so. It’s not that I dislike phones. There’s a​ much simpler reason. Whenever I answer the phone, it​ usually is​ for one of​ the children, generally the child at​ the farthest corner of​ the house. There is​ a​ strange game the children play. Each one waits for the other to​ answer the call and, of​ course, it’s never for the one who answers.

This time it​ was for me. Jonathan handed me the receiver.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi, John,” said the voice on the other end. “I’m sorry to​ bother you at​ home, but a​ mutual friend gave me your number and said I should call you. My name is​ Karman, James Karman. Do you have a​ moment?”

“Why, sure,” I responded. “I guess so.”

“Could you help me? My friend said that you’re always willing to​ help. You see, my son lost his job a​ few months ago. He’s so depressed and it​ breaks my heart to​ see him suffering like this. He has a​ wife and two children. He’s been seeking new employment, but with no success. is​ there anything you can suggest that would help?” The desperation in​ his voice was obvious. But why did he call me? I had no way of​ helping this man or​ his son. The pain and hopelessness in​ his voice reminded me of​ the time I stood by my own wife’s bed, powerless to​ help her in​ her pain. Perhaps “hell” is​ watching a​ loved one suffer without being able to​ lift a​ finger to​ help.

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New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 78

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