New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 30

No worry came to​ me as​ I retraced my footsteps. There was music in​ the air and I was a​ part of​ it.Life was meant for rejoicing, not for suffering. Focus on suffering and that’s what you get — more suffering. Be alive all your life,strange as​ that sounds, and you find that planet Earth can be a​ lovely adventure. So many years I had spent worrying about money, illness, family and everything else, that I’d lost sight of​ some of​ the more important aspects of​ life — joy, peace,quiet and understanding.

Creeping over me was a​ growing feeling of​ embarrassment for knowing so much and doing so little. I, who had learned such valuable lessons about life from Gideon, how could I not have put that learning to​ practical use? However, self-recrimination is​ as​ dangerous as​ chronic depression.It creates guilt,and guilt is​ perhaps one of​ the deadliest enemies of​ humankind. Guilt’s only message to​ us is,“You don’t deserve, you don’t deserve.” Feeling guilty about the past places limitations on us and prevents us from freely receiving good things in​ life today.

Yes, I did feel somewhat guilty for not practicing what I preached.It is​ said that someone once asked Socrates why he had done a​ seemingly stupid thing and he answered that it​ seemed to​ make sense at​ the time. Whatever it​ is​ that we did in​ the past, we did because it​ made sense at​ the time. From the vantage point of​ the present, it​ may appear extremely foolish, but the aim is​ to​ learn from our mistakes and proceed with life, resolving to​ do better next time. One of​ our biggest mistakes is​ to​ feel unworthy.

It seemed as​ if​ the walk home would last forever. There was no hurry as​ I enjoyed the exhilaration of​ the moment. There was peace in​ my heart, and I knew, as​ I never knew before, the joy of​ just being. The sound of​ footsteps behind me caused me to​ turn. Approaching was my old friend Gideon wearing a​ smile as​ wide as​ the horizon.

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