New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 1

New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 1

Some of​ us met on the pages of​ When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat. Others of​ us may have met at​ lectures, seminars, airports, on telephones or​ in​ letters. Still others have met in​ areas beyond the more familiar, three-dimensional world. And yet, though our meeting may have been as​ brief as​ two ships passing in​ the night,or as​ long as​ a​ lifetime, we are drawn together by gifts that transcend time itself — gifts such as​ truth, freedom, joy, peace, love and, most important, life itself.

And so, we meet again, or​ meet again for the first time, to​ unite once more in​ the glorious adventure of​ life. Humankind has advanced tremendously from the days when our ancestors hunted the mammoth and danced under a​ full moon to​ celebrate the “glories of​ the kill.” If,perchance,there are other, more advanced civilizations watching us, they might be intrigued by our progress. They might even remember the times, when in​ a​ less enlightened state,they,too,traveled our path and they, too, brought down fire and brimstone upon one another, even as​ we did in​ times past.Perhaps,they would remember their struggles, and in​ remembering,would applaud our efforts and cheer us onward.

Yes, we have come a​ long way but we still have a​ long way to​ go. Not only are we moving toward a​ greater tolerance and understanding of​ one another but we are beginning to​ develop a​ greater reverence for all the other life forms with which we share the planet.

There appears to​ be a​ more enlightened consciousness on Earth, and it​ may well be that we have begun to​ understand what the great teachers of​ history have been attempting to​ explain to​ us for centuries — that we are all children of​ the Infinite, that we are all on a​ journey home and that love is​ the most powerful force in​ the universe.

But sometimes, there is​ a​ high price to​ be paid for this growth and understanding— tears in​ the night, fears and guilt lurking in​ dark corners and the constant pressures of​ everyday living. This is​ where we face our greatest battles — regretting the past and fearing the future. This is, also, where we can attain our greatest victories — living in​ the present. We are never alone, even though all our senses may be testifying to​ this “fact,” and crying out in​ pain; even though it​ appears that hope has died and all we held dear has been blown to​ the winds. There is​ a​ Presence and a​ Power, there is​ a​ purpose and a​ plan and if​ we keep on keeping on, we shall finally prevail.

It is​ not by accident that we meet here. Nothing is​ ever accidental. We have met to​ learn from each other again. Let us explore the infinite potential of​ our “creaturehood” and in​ the end we’ll find that tragedy is​ but triumph turned inside out, that failure is​ only the other side of​ success and that all paths eventually lead up to​ the mountain top.

It is​ my privilege and joy to​ share with you, dear friend, portions of​ the story of​ our journey home. We are much alike, you and I, pilgrims in​ the search of​ the peace and joy that have always existed in​ the “secret place of​ the Most High” under the “Shadow of​ the Almighty.”

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New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 1

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