New Age Spirituality Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 102

New Age Spirituality Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 102

“ I see you remembered to​ plug in​ the coffeepot,”

Gideon quipped when I returned.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, not too long ago, a​ friend of​ yours was visiting and you offered to​ make him some coffee. You couldn’t figure out why it​ was taking so long until finally your friend noticed that you had forgotten to​ plug in​ the coffeepot. Then there was the time when you forgot to​ Journey in​ the Fields of​ Forever fill the pot with water. Do you want me to​ continue?”

“No,” I laughed. “I guess I’m like the absent-minded professor. Those were just minor oversights. in​ the big picture, they’re lost in​ the fabric. Let’s get on with more meaningful things — like how does one get closer to​ God?”

“Marla,” Gideon winked at​ her, “I’ve never seen him so anxious to​ learn. Have you?”

“I can feel his enthusiasm, Gideon,” she answered. “I think, if​ he pays attention, what he learns here today might stay with him for the rest of​ his life. But let’s not keep him waiting.”

And thus I was granted a​ legacy of​ wisdom that was to​ serve me well ever after. “In the first place,” Gideon stated,“God is​ not a​ person, a​ place, a​ time or​ a​ thing to​ be found. God is​ everywhere, every when and everything. God is​ the Presence that pervades every part of​ the universe from the largest star down to​ the tiniest atom. When you become aware,looking for God is​ like a​ fish searching for water. You’ll know that you don’t ever have to​ search because you’ve always been surrounded by God’s Presence.”

“I remember, years ago, hearing something like that from God Himself or​ Herself. it​ must have been another one of​ those dreams that seemed so real.”

“That wasn’t a​ dream, John. God spoke directly to​ you and explained some of​ these things. You probably have just forgotten.”

“God spoke to​ me? I’d never forget if​ God spoke to​ me.”

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