New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 2

We say Newton discovered gravitation. Was it​ sitting anywhere in​ a​ corner waiting for him? it​ was in​ his own mind; the time came and he found it​ out. All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of​ the universe is​ in​ your own mind. The external world is​ simply the suggestion, the occasion, which sets you to​ study your own mind, but the object of​ your study is​ always your own mind. The falling of​ an​ apple gave the suggestion to​ Newton, and he studied his own mind. He rearranged all the previous links of​ thought in​ his mind and discovered a​ new link among them, which we call the law of​ gravitation. it​ was not in​ the apple nor in​ anything in​ the centre of​ the earth.

All knowledge, therefore,secular or​ spiritual,is in​ the human mind. in​ many cases it​ is​ not discovered, but remains covered, and when the covering is​ being slowly taken off, we say, "We are learning," and the advance of​ knowledge is​ made by the advance of​ this process of​ uncovering. The man from whom this veil is​ being lifted is​ the more knowing man, the man upon whom it​ lies thick is​ ignorant,and the man from whom it​ has entirely gone is​ all- knowing, omniscient. There have been omniscient men, and, I believe, there will be yet; and that there will be myriads of​ them in​ the cycles to​ come.

Like fire in​ a​ piece of​ flint,knowledge exists in​ the mind; suggestion is​ the friction which brings it​ out. So with all our feelings and actions -- our tears and our smiles, our joys and our griefs, our weeping and our laughter, our curses and our blessings, our praises and our blames -- every one of​ these we may find, if​ we calmly study our own selves, to​ have been brought out from within ourselves by so many blows. The result is​ what we are. All these blows taken together are called Karma -- work, action.

Every mental and physical blow that is​ given to​ the soul, by which, as​ it​ were, fire is​ struck from it, and by which its own power and knowledge are discovered, is​ Karma, this word being used in​ its widest sense. Thus we are all doing Karma all the time. I am talking to​ you: that is​ Karma. You are listening: that is​ Karma. We breathe: that is​ Karma. We walk: Karma. Everything we do, physical or​ mental, is​ Karma, and it​ leaves its marks on us.

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