New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 27

How can this be done? We see that the impression of​ any action, to​ which we attach ourselves, remains. I may meet hundred of​ persons during the day, and among them meet also one whom I love; and when I retire at​ night, I may try to​ think of​ all the faces I saw, but only that face comes before the mind -- the face which I met perhaps only for one minute,and which I loved; all the others have vanished. My attachment to​ this particular person caused a​ deeper impression on my mind than all the other faces. Physiologically the impressions have all been the same; every one of​ the faces that I saw pictured itself on the retina, and the brain took the pictures in, and yet there was no similarity of​ effect upon the mind.

Most of​ the faces, perhaps,were entirely new faces, about which I had never thought before,but that one face of​ which I got only a​ glimpse found associations inside. Perhaps I had pictured him in​ my mind for years,knew hundreds of​ things about him, and this one new vision of​ him awakened hundreds of​ sleeping memories in​ my mind; and this one impression having been repeated perhaps a​ hundred times more than those of​ the different faces together, will produce a​ great effect on the mind.

Therefore, be "unattached"; let things work; let brain centres work; work incessantly, but let not a​ ripple conquer the mind. Work as​ if​ you were a​ stranger in​ this land, a​ sojourner; work incessantly, but do not bind yourselves; bondage is​ terrible. This world is​ not our habitation,it is​ only one of​ the many stages through which we are passing. Remember that great saying of​ the Sankhya, "The whole of​ nature is​ for the soul, not the soul for nature." The very reason of​ nature's existence is​ for the education of​ the soul; it​ has no other meaning; it​ is​ there because the soul must have knowledge, and through knowledge free itself.

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