New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 9

So it​ is​ with duty. The idea of​ duty varies much among different nations. in​ one country, if​ a​ man does not do certain things, people will say he has acted wrongly; while if​ he does those very things in​ another country, people will say that he did not act rightly -- and yet we know that there must be some universal idea of​ duty. in​ the same way, one class of​ society thinks that certain things are among its duty, while another class thinks quite the opposite and would be horrified if​ it​ had to​ do those things.

Two ways are left open to​ us -- the way of​ the ignorant, who think that there is​ only one way to​ truth and that all the rest are wrong, and the way of​ the wise, who admit that, according to​ our mental constitution or​ the different planes of​ existence in​ which we are,duty and morality may vary. The important thing is​ to​ know that there are gradations of​ duty and of​ morality -- that the duty of​ one state of​ life,in one set of​ circumstances, will not and cannot be that of​ another.

To illustrate: All great teachers have taught, "Resist not evil," that non - resistance is​ the highest moral ideal. We all know that, if​ a​ certain number of​ us attempted to​ put that maxim fully into practice, the whole social fabric would fall to​ pieces, the wicked would take possession of​ our properties and our lives, and would do whatever they like with us. Even if​ only one day of​ such non - resistance were practised, it​ would lead to​ disaster. Yet, intuitively, in​ our heart of​ hearts we feel the truth of​ the teaching "Resist not evil." This seems to​ us to​ be the highest ideal; yet to​ teach this doctrine only would be equivalent to​ condemning a​ vast portion of​ mankind.

Not only so, it​ would be making men feel that they were always doing wrong, and cause in​ them scruples of​ conscience in​ all their actions; it​ would weaken them, and that constant self - disapproval would breed more vice than any other weakness would. to​ the man who has begun to​ hate himself the gate to​ degeneration has already opened; and the same is​ true of​ a​ nation.

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