New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 29

New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 29

When that existence becomes relative, we see it​ as​ the world; that knowledge becomes in​ its turn modified into the knowledge of​ the things of​ the world; and that bliss forms the foundation of​ all true love known to​ the heart of​ man. Therefore true love can never react so as​ to​ cause pain either to​ the lover or​ to​ the beloved. Suppose a​ man loves a​ woman; he wishes to​ have her all to​ himself and feels extremely jealous about her every movement; he wants her to​ sit near him,to stand near him,and to​ eat and move at​ his bidding. He is​ a​ slave to​ her and wishes to​ have her as​ his slave. That is​ not love; it​ is​ a​ kind of​ morbid affection of​ the slave, insinuating itself as​ love. it​ cannot be love,because it​ is​ painful;if she does not do what he wants, it​ brings him pain. With love there is​ no painful reaction; love only brings a​ reaction of​ bliss; if​ it​ does not, it​ is​ not love; it​ is​ mistaking something else for love. When you have succeeded in​ loving your husband, your wife, your children, the whole world, the universe, in​ such a​ manner that there is​ no reaction of​ pain or​ jealousy, no selfish feeling, then you are in​ a​ fit state to​ be unattached.

Krishna says, "Look at​ Me, Arjuna! if​ I stop from work for one moment,the whole universe will die. I have nothing to​ gain from work; I am the one Lord, but why do I work? Because I love the world." God is​ unattached because He loves; that real love makes us unattached. Wherever there is​ attachment, the clinging to​ the things of​ the world, you must know that it​ is​ all physical attraction between sets of​ particles of​ matter -- something that attracts two bodies nearer and nearer all the time and, if​ they cannot get near enough, produces pain; but where there is​ real love, it​ does not rest on physical attachment at​ all. Such lovers may be a​ thousand miles away from one another, but their love will be all the same; it​ does not die, and will never produce any painful reaction.

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