New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 34

New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 34

From the subjective standpoint we may see that certain acts have a​ tendency to​ exalt and ennoble us, while certain other acts have a​ tendency to​ degrade and to​ brutalise us. But it​ is​ not possible to​ make out with certainty which acts have which kind of​ tendency in​ relation to​ all persons, of​ all sorts and conditions. There is, however, only one idea of​ duty which has been universally accepted by all mankind, of​ all ages and sects and countries, and that has been summed up in​ a​ Sanskrit aphorism thus: "Do not injure any being; not injuring any being is​ virtue, injuring any being is​ sin."

The Bhagavad-Gita frequently alludes to​ duties dependent upon birth and position in​ life. Birth and position in​ life and in​ society largely determine the mental and moral attitude of​ individuals towards the various activities of​ life. it​ is​ therefore our duty to​ do that work which will exalt and ennoble us in​ accordance with the ideals and activities of​ the society in​ which we are born. But it​ must be particularly remembered that the same ideals and activities do not prevail in​ all societies and countries; our ignorance of​ this is​ the main cause of​ much of​ the hatred of​ one nation towards another.

An American thinks that whatever an​ American does in​ accordance with the custom of​ his country is​ the best thing to​ do, and that whoever does not follow his custom must be a​ very wicked man. a​ Hindu thinks that his customs are the only right ones and are the best in​ the world, and that whosoever does not obey them must be the most wicked man living. This is​ quite a​ natural mistake which all of​ us are apt to​ make. But it​ is​ very harmful; it​ is​ the cause of​ half the uncharitableness found in​ the world. When I came to​ this country and was going through the Chicago Fair, a​ man from behind pulled at​ my turban. I looked back and saw that he was a​ very gentlemanly - looking man, neatly dressed. I spoke to​ him; and when he found that I knew English, he became very much abashed.

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New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 34

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