New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 28

If we remember this always, we shall never be attached to​ nature; we shall know that nature is​ a​ book in​ which we are to​ read, and that when we have gained the required knowledge, the book is​ of​ no more value to​ us. Instead of​ that, however, we are identifying ourselves with nature; we are thinking that the soul is​ for nature, that the spirit is​ for the flesh, and, as​ the common saying has it, we think that man "lives to​ eat" and not "eats to​ live". We are continually making this mistake; we are regarding nature as​ ourselves and are becoming attached to​ it; and as​ soon as​ this attachment comes, there is​ the deep impression on the soul, which binds us down and makes us work not from freedom but like slaves.

The whole gist of​ this teaching is​ that you should work like a​ master and not as​ a​ slave; work incessantly, but do not do slave's work. Do you not see how everybody works? Nobody can be altogether at​ rest; ninety - nine per cent of​ mankind work like slaves, and the result is​ misery; it​ is​ all selfish work. Work through freedom! Work through love! The word "love" is​ very difficult to​ understand; love never comes until there is​ freedom. There is​ no true love possible in​ the slave.If you buy a​ slave and tie him down in​ chains and make him work for you, he will work like a​ drudge, but there will be no love in​ him. So when we ourselves work for the things of​ the world as​ slaves, there can be no love in​ us, and our work is​ not true work.

This is​ true of​ work done for relatives and friends,and is​ true of​ work done for our own selves. Selfish work is​ slave's work; and here is​ a​ test. Every act of​ love brings happiness; there is​ no act of​ love which does not bring peace and blessedness as​ its reaction. Real existence, real knowledge, and real love are eternally connected with one another, the three in​ one: where one of​ them is, the others also must be; they are the three aspects of​ the One without a​ second -- the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss.

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