New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 35

New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 35

On another occasion in​ the same Fair another man gave me a​ push. When I asked him the reason, he also was ashamed and stammered out an​ apology saying, "Why do you dress that way?" The sympathies of​ these men were limited within the range of​ their own language and their own fashion of​ dress. Much of​ the oppression of​ powerful nations on weaker ones is​ caused by this prejudice. it​ dries up their fellow - feeling for fellow men. That very man who asked me why I did not dress as​ he did and wanted to​ ill-treat me because of​ my dress may have been a​ very good man, a​ good father, and a​ good citizen; but the kindliness of​ his nature died out as​ soon as​ he saw a​ man in​ a​ different dress. Strangers are exploited in​ all countries, because they do not know how to​ defend themselves; thus they carry home false impressions of​ the peoples they have seen. Sailors, soldiers, and traders behave in​ foreign lands in​ very queer ways, although they would not dream of​ doing so in​ their own country; perhaps this is​ why the Chinese call Europeans and Americans "foreign devils". They could not have done this if​ they had met the good, the kindly sides of​ Western life.

Therefore the one point we ought to​ remember is​ that we should always try to​ see the duty of​ others through their own eyes, and never judge the customs of​ other peoples by our own standard. I am not the standard of​ the universe. I have to​ accommodate myself to​ the world, and not the world to​ me. So we see that environments change the nature of​ our duties, and doing the duty which is​ ours at​ any particular time is​ the best thing we can do in​ this world. Let us do that duty which is​ ours by birth; and when we have done that, let us do the duty which is​ ours by our position in​ life and in​ society. There is, however, one great danger in​ human nature, viz. that man never examines himself. He thinks he is​ quite as​ fit to​ be on the throne as​ the king.

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