New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 15

New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 15

Knowing that mother and father are the visible representatives of​ God, the householder, always and by all means, must please them. if​ the mother is​ pleased, and the father, God is​ pleased with the man. That child is​ really a​ good child who never speaks harsh words to​ his parents.

Before parents one must not utter jokes, must not show restlessness, must not show anger or​ temper. Before mother or​ father, a​ child must bow down low, and stand up in​ their presence, and must not take a​ seat until they order him to​ sit.

If the householder has food and drink and clothes without first seeing that his mother and his father, his children, his wife, and the poor, are supplied, he is​ committing a​ sin. The mother and the father are the causes of​ this body; so a​ man must undergo a​ thousand troubles in​ order to​ do good to​ them.

Even so is​ his duty to​ his wife. No man should scold his wife, and he must always maintain her as​ if​ she were his own mother. And even when he is​ in​ the greatest difficulties and troubles, he must not show anger to​ his wife.

He who thinks of​ another woman besides his wife, if​ he touches her even with his mind -- that man goes to​ dark hell.

Before women he must not talk improper language, and never brag of​ his powers. He must not say, "I have done this, and I have done that."

The householder must always please his wife with money,clothes, love, faith, and words like nectar, and never do anything to​ disturb her. That man who has succeeded in​ getting the love of​ a​ chaste wife has succeeded in​ his religion and has all the virtues.

The following are duties towards children: a​ son should be lovingly reared up to​ his fourth year; he should be educated till he is​ sixteen. When he is​ twenty years of​ age he should be employed in​ some work; he should then be treated affectionately by his father as​ his equal. Exactly in​ the same manner the daughter should be brought up, and should be educated with the greatest care. And when she marries, the father ought to​ give her jewels and wealth.

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New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 15

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