New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 22

So he plunged into the midst of​ the fire and perished. The guests saw him falling and tried to​ save him, but he was too quick for them.

The little bird's wife saw what her husband did, and she said, "Here are three persons and only one little bird for them to​ eat. it​ is​ not enough; it​ is​ my duty as​ a​ wife not to​ let my husband's effort go in​ vain; let them have my body also." Then she fell into the fire and was burned to​ death.

Then the three baby - birds, when they saw what was done and that there was still not enough food for the three guests, said, "Our parents have done what they could and still it​ is​ not enough. it​ is​ our duty to​ carry on the work of​ our parents; let our bodies go too." And they all dashed down into the fire also.

Amazed at​ what they saw, the three people could not of​ course eat these birds. They passed the night without food, and in​ the morning the king and the Sannyasin showed the princess the way, and she went back to​ her father.

Then the Sannyasin said to​ the king, "King, you have seen that each is​ great in​ his own place. if​ you want to​ live in​ the world, live like those birds, ready at​ any moment to​ sacrifice yourself for others. if​ you want to​ renounce the world, be like that young man to​ whom the most beautiful woman and a​ kingdom were as​ nothing. if​ you want to​ be a​ householder, hold your life a​ sacrifice for the welfare of​ others; and if​ you choose the life of​ renunciation, do not even look at​ beauty and money and power. Each is​ great in​ his own place, but the duty of​ the one is​ not the duty of​ the other."

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