New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 14

New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 14

The life of​ every individual,according to​ the Hindu scriptures, has its peculiar duties apart from what belongs in​ common to​ universal humanity. The Hindu begins life as​ a​ student; then he marries and becomes a​ householder; in​ old age he retires; and lastly he gives up the world and becomes a​ Sannyasin. to​ each of​ these stages of​ life certain duties are attached. No one of​ these stages is​ intrinsically superior to​ another. The life of​ the married man is​ quite as​ great as​ that of​ the celibate who has devoted himself to​ religious work. The scavenger in​ the street is​ quite as​ great and glorious as​ the king on his throne. Take him off his throne, make him do the work of​ the scavenger, and see how he fares. Take up the scavenger and see how he will rule. it​ is​ useless to​ say that the man who lives out of​ the world is​ a​ greater man than he who lives in​ the world; it​ is​ much more difficult to​ live in​ the world and worship God than to​ give it​ up and live a​ free and easy life.

The four stages of​ life in​ India have in​ later times been reduced to​ two -- that of​ the householder and of​ the monk. The householder marries and carries on his duties as​ a​ citizen, and the duty of​ the other is​ to​ devote his energies wholly to​ religion, to​ preach and to​ worship God. I shall read to​ you a​ few passages from the Maha-Nirvana-Tantra, which treats of​ this subject, and you will see that it​ is​ a​ very difficult task for a​ man to​ be a​ householder, and perform all his duties perfectly:

The householder should be devoted to​ God; the knowledge of​ God should be his goal of​ life. Yet he must work constantly,perform all his duties; he must give up the fruits of​ his actions to​ God.It is​ the most difficult thing in​ this world to​ work and not care for the result, to​ help a​ man and never think that he ought to​ be grateful, to​ do some good work and at​ the same time never look to​ see whether it​ brings you name or​ fame,or nothing at​ all. Even the most arrant coward becomes brave when the world praises him. a​ fool can do heroic deeds when the approbation of​ society is​ upon him, but for a​ man to​ constantly do good without caring for the approbation of​ his fellow men is​ indeed the highest sacrifice man can perform. The great duty of​ the householder is​ to​ earn a​ living, but he must take care that he does not do it​ by telling lies, or​ by cheating, or​ by robbing others; and he must remember that his life is​ for the service of​ God, and the poor.

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New Age Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 14

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